How to Set Up a Home Office in a Small Apartment

April 19, 2022

Setting up a home office in an apartment can be quite challenging. Your goal is to set up a place that separates home and office for you both physically and mentally. But there’s not enough space!

Does that mean you should give up on your idea of a home office? Should you wait until you shift into a house?

Well, not necessarily. That’s exactly the gist of this guide.

Here we’ve compiled some intelligent ways of using the limited space in your apartment to set up a home office.  Let us walk you through it!

Choose a Convertible Workspace

Unlike a house, you cannot dedicate an entire room for your home office in an apartment. At best, you can dedicate a corner of your room, living space, or kitchen.

However, doing so might not be a feasible option for a studio or two-bed apartment. The space is already too limited. And if you set up a dedicated workspace, you’ll have to cramp up other activities of yours.

For that very reason, we suggest setting up a convertible workspace. You can do this by choosing a room with the least traffic. Ideally, your room. Equip it with convertible or multipurpose furniture (excellent suggestions for those below!).

For example, you can choose your closet for setting up a dedicated workspace if it’s got a corner. When you’re not working, you can use the desk to hold random goods such as your wallet, daily wear accessories, etc.

Similarly, if you live alone or with a roommate, your dining table might be a good place to set up as a convertible home office. Just ensure that you pick one certain seat to sit and work. Doing so will help your brain relate it with and boost your productivity by 10x. Plus, if it’s got drawers, it can hold your work stuff.

Invest in a Comfortable Moon Chair

Once you have settled for a multipurpose and convertible workspace, it’s time to equip it with proper ergonomic WFH furniture. We recommend beginning with a moon chair.

First things first – why a moon chair out of all types of WFH office chairs?

Well, that’s because moon chairs are a compact, versatile, and comfortable choice. Unlike most office chairs, these chairs have a casual feel. So, you can use them both indoors and outdoors. You can use them for work, in your kitchen, and even living space!

Plus, they occupy minimal space. A moon chair has a low height with a bb-shaped seat. Hence, you can adjust it almost anywhere (without seeming awkward).

And the coolest part? There’s no compromise on ergonomics! Its bowl-shaped seat provides complete support to your lumbar spine and provides enough room to comfortably shift positions. Plus, its thick cushions make it super convenient to sit for long hours.

On average, a good-quality moon chair costs around $200 – $600.  So, these are also one of your cheapest options.

Get Yourself a Desk with Storage

Next, you need a desk with storage. Ideally, an office desk should be adjustable in terms of height. It shouldn’t have any drawers on the front. And the front edge should be round.

But when it comes to apartments, we recommend buying desks with storage space, i.e., with at least 1-2 drawers and cupboards, which will be visible in the front. You can’t do much about that.

But why do we recommend so? Well, that’s because of the limited space! You cannot afford to keep a separate shelf for all your work-related belongings. Storing them separately in another place will nullify the idea of a workspace. It’ll limit your productivity.

Now, these cupboards need not be bulky or visually disturbing. You can opt for lightweight options too. Check out this list of small desks for apartments and to get an idea about it.

Decorate with Plants

It’s a good idea to add plants to small offices in apartments. It adds life and a calming effect to the place.

Often small working places become too crammed up, and the visuals on a busy day can be stressful. In such times, plants can have a therapeutic effect. They can boost your productivity and soothe well.

Final Words

Summing up, setting up a home office in a small apartment may be challenging at first sight. But when approached strategically and systematically, it may be the easiest and rewarding thing you do for yourself.

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