Brighten Your Hallway With These Tips

December 26, 2020

If there is an area in the home that sees most of the foot traffic, it is the hallway. Not only are you going to get people coming in and out from there, it is the place people see when they do deliveries and drop-offs. You want to feel proud of every aspect of your home, and your hallway should not be any different. It is easy to imagine transforming your home, but in that imagined world, did you think about the hallway?

Most people forget the hall is a relevant area to redecorate and change, and it may feel like an awkward space to develop. With the help of Love My Bonsai and other amazing brands, you can change up the way that your hallway looks and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do it. You can give your hallway more light, more color and more decor without overwhelming a small space — and we have just the ways you can do it.

  • Choose Good Lighting. Hallways are notoriously dark spaces in the home. There are rarely windows lining the hallway, as it is the entrance to the home, and even the ones with high ceilings tend to be a little more dull than other rooms in the home. With the right lighting, you can make the space look better in an instant. Ceiling spotlights are clever and neat, but wall sconces add romance and drama to the space. You can even use low hanging lights to upgrade a compact space right away. Choose brighter bulbs, too, to maximize the light hitting every corner of the space.
  • Pick Paint Wisely. For smaller, narrower spaces in the home, you want lighter, brighter colors. Consider fresh whites and creams, pastels and vibrant pops to go along with it all. A fresh lick of paint changes the game for your hallway and the pops of color will help the aesthetics. Fresh color gives fresh character to your hallway, and it instantly warms the place up if you have simple colors added to the pale base.
  • Accessorize Wisely. A hallway is often narrow and there is not much space for furniture. A hallway can still have some smaller elements of furniture, though, such as a bench, a coat stand and a table with a phone. You can accessorize with standing plants, photos, shelves, and Bonsai trees, too!
  • Add Mirrors. For such a small space, you want to consider making it look bigger, and for this, you need to fake it. Mirrors that are strategically placed can be used to bounce light around the room. It’ll seem bigger and brighter as a result, and you can instantly see the difference when you hang mirrors to capture the light. 
  • Brighten Your Front Door. On the inside and outside, your front door makes the ultimate impression. The fixtures and fittings that you use on the door give it instant impact, and you can brighten the front door with a new coat of paint, new fixtures, and a new knocker. The door welcomes people in, so you can make it as welcoming as possible to look at.
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