Adventure-filled activities in Dubai desert safari

March 28, 2022
Desert safari

Desert safari

When thinking about the Arabian Desert, one immediately visualizes a vast, endless desert. The proximity to the Arabian Desert is Dubai’s biggest attraction. The Bedouin camps that populate the desert allow visitors to immerse themselves in the Bedouin lifestyle and learn about their history. Desert activities such as desert safaris, Arabian buffet meals, camel rides, sheesha, and various adventurous activities are all available.

The vast Arabian Desert, unforgettable dunes experiences, and various holiday activities day and night make a desert safari journey in Dubai a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You may participate in several activities to make your Dubai desert safari unforgettable.

Here are the activities that Dubai desert safari offers to its visitors:

Dune Bashing

Off-roading is taken to new heights with dune bashing! It is the most popular activity in Dubai and is a traditional adventure activity. In a sequence of twists and turns, massive 4X4 trucks smash across the sand dunes. Dune bashing frequently leads to unplanned races, providing guests with a complete roller coaster ride! Dune bashing is a sensory overload, with sand flying through the air and the earth slipping beneath your feet. The drivers know their way around the desert like the back of their hands and will take you on a thrilling journey. On this memorable journey, you can stop at the dune tops to photograph the fantastic scene with your family members.

Riding on a camel

A camel ride through the Dubai desert is another exciting adventure. This exhilarating camel ride takes you on a 45-minute adventure through the Dubai desert, allowing you to see the local wildlife. Another breathtaking activity you can participate in is a falcon presentation, which includes the opportunity to take beautiful photographs with the bird.

Quad Biking

Quad Bikes are the ultimate dangerous machines, full of adventure and thrills. These all-terrain vehicles are at ease among Dubai’s sand dunes. They provide an adrenaline-pumping roller coaster trip to scale the peaks and slam down the slopes. The Quad Bikes are simple to use, and even inexperienced riders will have little trouble navigating the dunes. Each trip will be accompanied by certified instructors who will lead riders through the trails and assure their safety. The Quad cycle is not for the faint of heart, and the vehicle’s strength may be overwhelming, making it an actual adventure experience!


Nowadays, it is entirely possible to cycle through the desert. The Fat Bike is your constant companion as you bike through Dubai’s sandy deserts. A Fat Bike, a bicycle with fat tires, is used for this thrilling adventure activity. Fat bikes are designed to travel through snow and sand, providing riders with the ultimate thrill of exploring new territory. The desert’s vastness and seamlessness put every rider’s strength and stamina to the test. The bicycle tours are led by professionals who will guide you through the terrain and give you a different insight into the desert.


Everything you need for an adventure-filled day in the desert is the sun and sand. The sand dunes are the ideal place to have a good time. Sandboarding is the desert’s version of snowboarding, and it entails riding a board down sand dune peaks. The specifically designed sand boards are ideal for achieving speed safely while also providing an exciting experience. Sandboarding is a one-of-a-kind activity that can only be done on the Arabian Desert’s most giant dunes.

Hot air balloon

See the sun rising over the undulating desert landscape from many feet above the earth! A journey in a hot air balloon over the desert is an incredible way to see the scenery. You may experience the incredible sensation of slowly floating to a height of 4,000 feet. Sand dunes that stretch to the horizon dot the landscape, and desert animals such as camels, Arabian Oryx, and gazelles can be seen. The smooth journey, led by professional hot air balloon specialists, will provide you with the best view of the desert.

These activities require physical exertion. So, it’s important that you’re physically fit and active before heading to the desert safari. Also, confirm with the trip operator if they offer these activities or not since not all packages include all these activities. A desert safari trip without these activities will be less fun and exciting. Therefore, make sure to choose a package that offers maximum activities even if you have to pay a bit extra.

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