Best Spots For Hiking In Northern Thailand

January 22, 2020

Northern Thailand is well known for its thickly forested mountains and the region borders with Laos and Myanmar. The northern part of Thailand is inhabited by several hill tribes and dotted with ancient Buddhist temples. Another reason why tourists and locals come here is because of the immense opportunities for hiking one can enjoy here.

Here are some of the most popular spots for hiking in Northern Thailand:

  • Chiang MaiHiking Chiang Mai is very popular among the local Thais, as well as tourists from around the world. This is a perfect spot to be in if you love nature and trekking. Whether you are an amateur trekker or a seasoned one, the diverse trekking trails in the Chiang Mai province are sure to win your heart. The province is famous due to excellent forest cover and verdant valleys where you come across different tribal villages and ethnic minorities.
  • Chiang Rai: When it comes to being truly close to nature and understanding a culture, a trek in Chiang Rai is a perfect way to accomplish that. You can trek from one homestay to another and interest with the locals and understand their way of life. Spend some time with them as they work in their fields and farms and be a part of their self-sufficient, even if for a few days. Take walks in the forest and enjoy birdwatching and before. This is the best way to discover Thailand and its ethnic people.
  • Mae Hong Son: Another popular area for trekking in Northern Thailand is Mae Hong Son. One can plan both longer and shorter treks in the region and explore some hidden places. As you trek towards the Burmese border, you come across the Karen villages in the mountains. Highlights of the trekking experience include the Nam Tok Surin National Park and the Hmong villages along the Salween River.
  • Nan Province: Located in the northeast part of Thailand, the Nan area is well known for its rugged terrain and surreal landscape. The province is dotted with waterfalls, limestone caves, and a huge variety of flora and fauna. The treks are fairly easy to moderate, and as you go through the heavily forested Khun Nan National Park, you are likely to come across, black bears, wild boars, and different reptiles and birds.  You will also find many old temples and should not miss the chance to witness the traditional lifestyle of the Northern Thais.
  • Doi Inthanon: Doi Inthanon trek will take you through the highest mountain of Thailand, and the trip is sure to gratify the nature craving soul. As you pass through the mountains, you catch the sights of birds and waterfalls in those dense forests. You come across the coffee plantations in the region as well as get to meet the Karen tribe. Take a dip in the rive pools and enjoy local foods at some of the most exciting locations.
  • Kamphaeng Phet: Kamphaeng Phet is an inserting town that is located amidst the high mountains and surrounding dense forests. If you want to hike to test your fitness as well as get soaked in nature, a trek in this region makes for a perfect choice. As you trek through this dense zone, you come across refreshing waterfalls and amazing viewpoints. Get ready for the ultimate experience of trekking in Kamphaeng Phet, which exudes a quiet vibe.

The trekking experience in Northern Thailand is indeed a refreshing change as you get away from the crowded noise and pollution of the cities and enter the peaceful realm of nature. Step back into the past as you chat with the friendly locals and interact with the ethnic tribes of Thailand.

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