Yoga Poses For Poor Blood Circulation

January 22, 2020
Blood Circulation

The importance of blood in our bodies is beyond description. It is the only medium that carries all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and oxygen throughout the whole body. It also has a great impact on removing the junk and wastes from our body. That is why it is crucial to keep the blood flow in our body okay. While keeping up with numerous Home Healthcare Products, we have to make sure that we are performing regular yoga exercises so that we can boast of numerous advantages such as having an energizing feeling, enhanced performance for both physical and mental health, etc. These advantages can be acquired by performing yoga exercises and stretches.

Yoga is a type of exercise that helps blood to get circulated to a greater extent. Celebrities all around the world tend to make use of this great exercise as it helps them with uncountable advantages. Today, we will demonstrate a few yoga poses that will come in handy for poor blood circulation. Please note that if you are a beginner, try to get some help from a yoga professional. Before hiring a yoga teacher, make sure that they have undergone and completed yoga teacher training in Bali or any training center for your safety. Let us get started!

  1. Forward Fold
    This yoga pose is a great exercise when it comes to improving blood flow to the upper body and brain. It can provide you mental clarity as you fold yourself forward and the blood circulates more to your brain. Doctors often prescribe this pose to individuals who go through depression, anxiety, and fear, as it calms the brain. Besides, it’s been proved to be an effective exercise for the liver and kidneys as well. 
  2. Seatest Twist Pose
    The seated twist pose is another great exercise for improving poor blood circulation. When you twist, it cuts off the circulation to your digestive organs and detoxification. After that, when you untwist, those organs will go through a rush of blood that energizes them. This pose lets you have an intense stretch on your hip rotators and hips. It will likewise make your abdominal muscles and oblique stronger. 
  3. Plow Pose
    There are times when the blood cannot re-circulate itself from the lower body to the upper body. The plow pose is one of the greatest exercises for such problems. It helps the blood to circulate from the lower body to the upper. It helps you to have a calmness in your brain. If you are having the symptoms of menopause, you should perform this great pose every day, because it helps to minimize the symptoms of menopause. It can also be a great remedy for curing your fatigue and stress. 
  4. Happy Baby
    A happy baby is another great yoga pose for relieving stress. While keeping the blood follow okay, it will increase the vitality in your body. It can also diminish the pain in your lower back by gently stretching it. It also stretches calves, which is great for enhanced blood flow in your leg. 

All these poses are the best when it comes to improving the blood circulation in your body. Yoga is a type of exercise that our ancestors used to follow. It has been showing its potential for decades. Hence, if you are going through poor blood circulation, you should engage with the poses that are mentioned above.

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