13 Couple gift ideas that the duo can revel in

January 24, 2020

Everything around us is very gender-specific. It becomes a task to think of a gift that both a male and female can use. We are easing things for you by providing you with a few gift ideas for the couples. You can gift them to your friends or even the couple can gift this to each other to keep up the charm of the relationship. A few ‘couple’ items are a must for your house, so find some excuses to buy these lovely and exciting gifts for couples. read about Benjamin Gordon

1.       Bathrobes

Gift the couple a waffle bathrobe set with ‘his & ‘her’ engraved on it. You can even get the initials engraved. Both can enjoy the matching robes after a nice shower, swim, or a Jacuzzi soak.

2.       Bed set

Gift your friends a lovely couple bed set. The patterns and options are so many in the market that you will end up picking a few for yourself. Pillow covers have texts like King & Queen, Mr. & Mrs., Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right, etc. In fact, there are some very romantic bed sets available like- I love you & I love you more, etc. It can help you add some extra romance in life.

3.       Passport covers

Best for the couples who love to travel. Matching passport covers can help them identify their passports easily. It can help them keep their important cards and IDs in one place reminding them to keep it safe. It surely generates a feeling of togetherness and helps them stay more responsible towards each other.

4.       Decanter set

A couple who enjoys their drinks together can surely relish this gift. A decanter set with ‘ours’ ‘yours’ ‘mine’ engraved. While the decanter holds ‘our’ sign and the glasses have ‘mine & yours’ on it separately.

5.       Star map

Customized star map lets you mark the significant date on it, be it your wedding anniversary or engagement day or the day love birds met. It can help you capture the stars as they were on your special day. You can use it in your house as a beautiful memory reminding you two of that special event.  It can be used as a home décor be it in a frame or a wall hanging.

6.       Couples Cookbook

It is said that “a couple who cooks together, stays together.” Gift a cookbook that gives some easy tips to cook quickly and together. A few of the very famous cookbooks for couples are “One pan, two plates” by Carla Snyder, “Date night in” by Ashley Rodriguez. It is a perfect gift for the ones who love to have some romantic dates at home.

7.   Coffee set

Coffee set contains a coffee maker, coffee beans and coffee mugs that are very fulfilling for the morning regime. Coffee lovers will remember you every time they have an energy-boosting sip.

8.   Wall decors

There is a wide variety of wall decors for couples. Photo frames to posters or wall hangings, as per their taste you can pick something that makes them cherish the décor whenever they enter the room. Even some personalized touch can be added to this by adding their pictures to the frames.

9.  Personalized monogram watch/ clock

This idea can be utilized in multiple ways, personalized monograms on a couple-watch set or on a table clock can be an amazing idea. The couple gets to start their day by seeing their initials put together on a clock. A couple will never throw away this clock no matter how hard it is to bear with its alarm. Even a tough day at work will bring a smile on the face with a quick glance at the watch.

10.   Jewels

Gifting your dear ones matching bracelets or titanium rings sets can also be special. Adding their initials on the titanium rings or bands would surely make you win some brownie points for anniversary gifts for boy friend .

11.   Pamper the duo

If you know the couple closely and are very well acquainted with their travel taste, one may opt for a small holiday package. A nearby location may also do. Book them in a nice resort or a hotel, away from their monotonous routine. It will surely be rejuvenating for the couple. You can even book them a couple-spa or a Jacuzzi.

12.   CINEMOOD portable movie theatre

The movie theatre is in your palm with this portable movie theatre device. Couples don’t need to wait for the seat availability at the theatre with this device. They can have a movie night wherever they go.  

13.   Liquor bottle

This is one of the safest gifts if the couple is fond of liquor and date night. An exclusive liquor bottle is something everyone wishes to add to their bar. After an exhausting day when the two wish to have some relaxing time, this gift can surely be helpful.

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