Best Living Room Furniture And Interior Combination

January 24, 2020

Living rooms are like a personal canvas, ready to be painted with the owner’s imagination. Although, many of us find it difficult and get stuck in a confused state of choosing the right colour combination and finding the best living room furniture to complement the entire look of the room.

Don’t worry; My Decorative have chosen the trending modern contemporary wall colours with furniture ideas for your living space.

  1. Beige And Red:

According to experts, red is the best colour for your living room but if you are not bold enough to go with the walls painted in red, try to balance out the whole luxuriance vibe with colour beige. Not only that, get a vibrant red colour carpet and with that add beige colour furniture. Add some vibrant colour cushions on top of the furniture and to make the room feel alive, try adding lush green plants.

  • White And Blue:

Blue is one of the most calming colours. In your living room, with one wall painted with blue, and to complement the entire look you need to get wooden furniture having cushions complimenting the blue wall. And to make the room look more impressive, different shades of blue have been used, and specific contrasting colours like gold and yellow are adding that extra serenity into the room.

  • Peach And Olive:

One of the most popular colour combinations which are preferred nowadays. With peach-coloured walls contrasted with olive green props, like paintings, cushions and plants, it gives your living room a cosy, easy-going and a comfortable vibe. Get more experimental and have fun with the furniture and décor items, as you can go for patterned rugs, coffee tables, etc.

  • Pastels And Off-Whites:

Pastel shades are considered as “Feminine colour”, but if paired with the right shades, it can create a more calming living space that you don’t want to leave! Colours like lilac when paired with off-white, can brighten up the room and gives a clean finish to the entire space, you won’t feel cluttered. If you are one of them who love to live a minimalist life, then this interior combination is excellent for them!

  • Black And White:

The standard colour combination with a fresh approach in the modern contemporary interior looks giving you the boldest yet simplistic look. With the room painted white, to add the contrast get patterned off-white rugs with a hint of black in it, or you can get those strip pattern black and white cushions complimenting your dark coloured sofa.

  • Grey And Yellow:

People these days are loving the idea of trying new colour combinations. Because of their love of experiments with colour combinations, one of the most unusual combinations is getting popular. But if you look at the picture above you can tell why it’s gaining so much popularity! As there are different shades of grey and yellow, there is no reason to only stick with one standard shade, for example, mustard yellow and silver grey.

  • Tangerine:

When you read this word, what comes to your mind first, Tangerine fruit or its vibe colour which fills you up with energy? If you choose the neutral combination with tangerine orange, you will see that it gives an instant boost of energy into your living space!


The above mentioned interior combinations and furniture shown in pictures are the most popular these days among people hope you got the ideas of which sort of furniture will go with what kind of interior.

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