3 Tips to Choose Solar Lights for Your Home Garden

February 10, 2020

Solar lights for your home garden are an increasingly popular option, which is easy to set up, economical, and adds to the charm of your abode. Let your neighbors turn green with envy when they see your path, accent, and hanging lights illuminating your garden space. Then, it is not easy to choose garden solar lights because you need to make your outdoor area look impressive at sundown. Look for solar lights, which last all year even during cloudy weather with an insignificant difference in performance. The photovoltaic (PV) system needs to perform seamlessly to power your home and garden.

According to an article published on https://www.sciencedaily.com, there are tests to gauge solar efficiency past set standards. Therefore, when shopping for solar lighting for your garden, it is essential to mull over its functionality and performance. Here are three tips to choose garden solar lights:

1. Solar ambient lights

You can place ambient lights under garden shrubs and hedges to perk up your garden area, especially when you host a party to impress your guests. You can also set these lights in stakes down the garden flowerbeds to make your outdoor space look romantic with a soft glow. If you have butterfly garden chairs and tables, you can accentuate these furniture items by placing solar ambient lights around them. Consult with Bundaberg solar power companies to get an idea of installing solar garden lights to create the maximum impact.

2. Solar spotlights

Again, a solar spotlight can illuminate your garden area just like a 40-watt incandescent bulb. You need to place ambient lights at strategic positions so that all garden features are directly illuminated. It could be your favorite tree, a fountain, or lighting around a water body or pond in your garden that you would like to accentuate.

Solar spotlights are also durable, UV-proof, and weather-resistant and ruggedly designed to endure the external elements. You can mount spotlights in multiple ways and could be accustomed to shine in any way you like. You can mount the solar panel in a different place from the light so that the PV system gets abundant sunshine while the light installed where required.

3.  Solar path lights

Path lights brighten up your garden paths, driveway edges, and walkways after sundown, thus beautifying your home and garden. These lights are installed in multiple numbers to guide a set of small stairs or a dark path in your garden.

As far as solar path lights are concerned, these come in a range of options such as flange mounts, ground stakes, as well as hanging hooks. This way, you get numerous options to place path lights the way you want and improve the aesthetics of your garden. Most of these come with a design that has the lighting downward. There are options like colored lenses, high and low power, and even timers. You will get solar path lights in mid-range choices when it comes to light output and price.

Final words

Opt for solar garden lights to enliven your garden within budget. You require no additional electricity charge, just natural sunlight to power your garden path, ambient, and spotlights.

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