Moving Madness: Make It Easy On Yourself

February 17, 2020

Moving day. You have rightfully dreaded the moment you have to jumble your life into a suitcase and move it to a completely new location. It is something that we can all agree to hate. Although, we know that there is no way around it, most people will make a meal out of it anyway. We do not plan ahead, we refuse to acknowledge how big of a logistical challenge it is, and how long it will take from start to finish. It is almost as if we are trying to wish away or praying that it will go smoothly without putting in the effort. None of this works. However, a few things will work to make sure moving day madness is kept to a minimum.

Just Chilling Out

You cannot and should not try to complete the moving day in one day. Instead, it should be done over multiple days. Start getting ready to move when you are just chilling out. Put some music on and get yourself a snack. A bowl of chips or popcorn and an ice-cold sweet tea would be great. Then, start packing up the little things like the ornaments and figurines around your living room. Snack and drink when you please while listening to your favorite artists. Or, better yet, why not put a Netflix show on, in the background? You are not watching it per se, but using it as familiar background noise. The goal is to make the process of moving, not seem like such a chore. Get the family to help out or you could invite a friend to your home to help you.

Take Time Off

Chances are, you are moving house but not moving jobs. Take some time off from work, to get your head straight and start packing each room. If you are working all week then packing up on the weekends, you are going to mentally and physically tire yourself out. So, if you can stand it, book some days off from work. In fact, you may be entitled to mandatory days off for things like moving house. Employers will give special days off from work for things like this. However, do not expect a payment, but at least you get the days required to focus on one thing at a time. It is a good idea to stick to a time schedule, just as you would at work. Focus on getting a few tasks done, then breaking for lunch. Coming back to work until five o’clock as normal will give you enough time to rest and recharge before the next day of packing.

All At Once?

If you have a large family, you might not be able to move everything at once. This means that you will need a couple or a few days of the physical moving process. If you need to cut down on trips, utilize professional moving companies that have storage services. You can store your items in a private, secure unit, that has burglar protection, sprinkler system, barcode technology, and liability insurance.

Moving days are so stressful, almost unavoidably so. But if you take some time off work, get some snacks, play some music and get a friend over, packing can go so much smoother and quicker. 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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