Inexpensive Gifts You Can Create At Home

February 17, 2020

Valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers — there are plenty of special occasions that we like to celebrate by giving gifts. But as much as we enjoy treating our loved ones, it can also seem like we never have our hands out of our pockets! However, with a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can create something that not only looks beautiful, but does not brake the bank either. No special skills required, just a bit of time!

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Who does not love a good long soak in the bath, especially after a hard day at work? Nice bathroom treats can often be expensive, but you can make this great homemade pampering product with just a few simple ingredients that you can buy at the supermarket. The bonus is to get to feel like a scientist when you make them!

Embroidered Headphones

As anyone who has always plugged in listening to their favorite music or podcasts will know, tangled and twisted headphones can be the bane of their lives. With just some embroidery thread and some patience, you can create a colorful bespoke pair of headphones that will never get tangled, and as a bonus, will never get lost at the bottom of their bag again!

Decorated Tote Bags

A tube of silicone sealant is not just handy to have around the house for when things need fixing, you can use it to create some beautiful gifts too. Sketch a simple pattern on a flat piece of wood, then draw over the design with silicone sealant. Once it is dry, paint over the sealant with fabric paint and use it to stamp over any fabric you choose. Try pillowcases, hessian bags, or even onesies as a cute gift for a mom-to-be. Do not worry if you cannot draw; simple patterns such as hearts and stars, work best anyway as you will stamp it on the fabric multiple times.

Bow Necklaces

Everyone loves jewelry, right? And for a thoughtful and unique gift for your best friend, bridesmaids, or guests on a hen party, these pretty bow necklaces are sure to charm. All you need is some jewellery wire and a few jewellery tools. 

Lavender Rice Bags

With some pretty patterned material, rice and a sewing machine, you can make these luxurious and relaxing rice bags. Add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender, and all your lucky recipient needs to do is pop the bag in the microwave for a couple of minutes for a soothing and fragrant heat on their neck, feet or over their eyes. Bliss. 

Glitter Mugs

If your bestie is partial to a cup of joe, why not brighten their day with a glitter mug. All you need is a  plain mug, some glitter and some Mod Podge and you can create a sparkling mug that will turn any break time into a celebration! Add glitter to the base, the rim or the handle. 

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