The Perfect Celebrant for Your Wedding

February 18, 2020

What does a celebrant do?
Celebrants are professionals who perform and officiate weddings when you’re ready to say, “I do” with your bride or groom. Celebrants are experienced in leading the ceremony after the bride walks down the aisle and approaches the groom. Although they may be the ones with the microphone, they should allow the bride and groom to be the center of attention at the ceremony.

Celebrants are hired to communicate a special message that represents the bride and groom’s love for each other, as well as their beliefs and lifestyle. They may share a special story, give a background on love, or discuss what agape love means.

What questions to ask your to-be celebrant?
There are a number of questions to ask your celebrant to ensure you hire the right professional celebrant for your wedding. You’ll want to hire someone who has a personality that you like to ensure they can set the tone for the ceremony and are engaging with your guests.

Ask the celebrant how many years of experience they have in the industry to ensure they’re qualified to officiate your big day. You’ll also want to ask them how many weddings they’ve worked and why they hold the position. You’ll want to find someone who is passionate about what they do and is excited about the nuptials that you’ll share.

It’s also important to inquire about their availability to ensure they can be physically present at your wedding. Celebrants are often booked several months in advance, which makes it important to contact them at the start of your planning process to ensure they’re free on your wedding day.

You’ll also want to ask how the professional prefers to communicate with you, whether it’s via the phone, texts, or emails. They should be capable of responding to your questions within 24 hours to ensure they take your big day seriously and care about your nuptials.

Don’t be afraid to ask the professional if they have any videos that showcase how well they can deliver the message to the bride, groom, and guests. By getting a look at how they perform at previous weddings, it can help you to know what to expect for your own wedding to avoid any surprises. The individual should appear confident and comfortable while speaking to a large group of people.

Some couples prefer to hear what the celebrant is planning on saying in advance, whereas others want to be surprised. You can also discuss what you expect with the individual depending on what you prefer.

How to choose the perfect celebrant?
One of the most important parts of selecting a celebrant is to read the reviews posted online to determine how satisfied their former clients were with the services provided. Carefully read the details and ask the celebrant for references to speak directly to couples the professional worked with in the past.

You should know if you want a celebrant that puts on a show and entertains your guests or keeps the limelight on both you and your spouse. You may prefer to have someone who is laidback and keeps the ceremony relaxed at a slower pace. Others desire to have someone who is humorous. Talk with your bride or groom to ensure you both are on the same page about what you expect because the message and demeanor of the celebrant will set the tone of the ceremony.

It’s important to sit down with the celebrant in advance to discuss the details of your wedding and communicate what you expect from them. The individual should be organized to get everything in writing before presenting you with a contract. The consultation is also a time when you can discuss their rates and how much they’ll charge for the services. Avoid hiring someone that has very low rates, as this may mean they may not have a lot of experience or may not be reliable. Their prices should work within your budget to ensure you can afford the services.

You can also consider working with your venue to find the right celebrant to use. Many venues can refer you to professionals in the local area to ensure you can work with someone who has a solid reputation and has proven themselves in the industry. They may also include celebrants in the package that you purchase to make it easy.

Choosing the perfect celebrant requires getting to know them in advance to avoid feeling like a stranger is officiating your ceremony. Consider scheduling times to meet where you can learn more about their background or share your love story with the professional. If the individual knows who you are, then it will allow everyone to feel more at ease at the wedding and can make their message more specific to who you are as a couple.

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