Five Steps To Creating A Modern Garden You Will Love Spending Time In

March 8, 2020

When the Summer sun starts to make an appearance, there are few things nicer than spending a fun afternoon in the garden with the kids or relaxing in the shade with a glass of wine. These are, of course, only enjoyable if your garden looks fairly decent. If it is overgrown or there is nowhere nice to sit, it is unlikely you will want to spend any time in it at all. 

If you want to create a modern garden that you will love spending time in, here are five steps to making it happen:

Plan Things Out

If you were designing a kitchen or a bathroom, you would spend considerable time thinking about how you wanted to use the space — it is no different when designing a garden. Draw out a rough sketch of your garden and take your time considering how you want it to look. Once your plans are complete, you can start making your vision a reality.

Modern Features

There are lots of things you can add to a garden to make it feel modern – art is one of them. Adding an outdoor sculpture or an intricately shaped bird feeder can create a huge wow factor. There is also a wide range of modern outdoor fountains available, which not only add character, but can be very soothing to listen to. Art is not just for indoors — adding it to your garden will set it apart from all the rest.


Outdoor and solar lighting has become extremely popular, so there is probably a bigger choice now than ever. Adding lots of small LED fairy lights around the perimeter of your garden can create a magically modern feel once the sunsets. Bold cube lighting will create clean, modern lines along your garden pathways.

If you have a patio seating area, table candles can inspire a relaxed mood and make your garden feel very welcoming and cozy. Play around with different looks until you find what suits you.  

Create A Welcoming Seating Area

A modern garden needs a modern seating area. Rattan furniture is especially popular these days partly, because it is so aesthetically pleasing and partly because it holds up to the elements so well. It comes in various colors and, coupled with some patterned cushions, will look great in any setting. 

If you prefer the idea of having a deck rather than a patio area, composite decking could be the way to go. It not only looks amazing, but is very easy to maintain. Lights can be added and it comes in various textures and shades to suit a wide range of tastes. 


If you want your garden to look especially modern, painting your boundary walls and fences white will create a huge visual impact. You can use flowers, shrubs, and planters to create pops of color throughout, transforming it into a modern, eye-catching space.

Gardens are there to be enjoyed, so make the most of yours.

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