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February 26, 2020
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Steampunk is one of the most popular and sophisticated themes in cosplays, and it has garnered attention in cosplay conventions. Steampunk by itself is already a fascinating genre — a science fiction based in the 19th Century, on how people from that time perceived science fiction.

It is usually Western-influenced, set either in Victorian England (a common favorite in most comic-con shows) or the Wild West. However, there is a rising popularity in incorporating Asian elements in Victorian English designs.

Steampunk originated from 19th Century science-fiction novels made by H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, in books like War of the Worlds and Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. It involves their vision of futuristic gadgets, which seemed amazing in their time but are now commonly enjoyed conveniences in this era.

Steampunk is always a fun concept — you can create almost anything and make a steampunk version of it. Some even create steampunk versions of their favorite characters from mainstream media or bring their characters to life through cosplay. Others turn historical figures into steampunk versions. You just need to get the right costume and the proper tools for the props. Here is how you can make any costume you have become steampunk:

Make Use Of Accessories

Remember that time you went to class as a punk rocker? Make use of that leather cuff, and add small cogs or maybe frills, depending on whom you want to come as. If you want to be the tough English lady, add dainty laces and a glossy ribbon that complement your look.

Are you looking for a more roguish feel? Add leather strips or maybe a couple of chains for that edgy look. 


Adding watches and vials as accessories will nail the look; maybe even add armor for some of the characters known for wars and battles. Most of the steampunk accessories and outfits are made with various scraps from broken items and tools you can find at home. Steampunk always involves cogs too, since 19th Century citizens were amazed by the intricate movement and tireless unison of cogs.

All you need are a bit of creativity and maybe bronze or gold spray paint for DIY. Create a personality for the character you chose too.

Research More Into Your Character And Job Class

Is the character you want and love a noble or a scurvy pirate who has sailed the seven seas? If you have no visual reference and you are simply relying on the author’s description, create your own twists while staying loyal to characteristics emphasized by the author. 

If you are making your own character, here are some things you need to remember.

  • Fighter Class 

fighter is often a melee combatant, referred to as a tank or warrior in most online games these days. They are fairly remembered for their bulky armor and chainmail since they absorb most of the attacks and are quite slow since they are heavy. 

They are known to be powerful and usually dependent on close combat. When designing their weapons, think about a hefty sword with a gigantic shield. By adding skulls, chains, and cogs on your weapon, you are turning your character into a steampunk character. For the wardrobe, wear a coat or steampunk jacket womens to add some flair.

  • Support Class

This class is composed mainly of characters supporting fighters and considered valuable in battles. Think of healers or mad scientists who create absurd potions that strengthen the team members. When you want to be a support, you need a lot of pouches for potions and bombs that can cause debuffs or buffs.

If you want to focus on fantasy-themed support like a white mage, you can use an old curtain rod and wires to turn it into a staff. Wear a leather lab coat or a plague doctor’s mask for a gloomy theme.

  • Damage Class

This damage class consists of archers, assassins, black mages, thieves, pirates, and other characters with powerful attacks. They are known for their high damages and quick thinking skills, and they usually carry a variety of weapons. 

Here, you can enjoy a variety of steam meter and leather accessories for that powerful look. Use big gears as a hilt and a chainsaw as the blade, or pick a water gun, fill it with dishwashing soap, and spray-paint it with black and gold.

When you want to try cosplaying as a steampunk character, you can use any items, from broken appliances to tools from your garage. You can use plastic bottles for jet packs, old washing machine tubes for a cyborg feel, old cogs from a broken wall clock, or maybe old test tubes filled with various colored liquids for “poisons” and “healing potions.” All you need are a bit of creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness!

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