February 26, 2020

The blinds terrace is an element that can help you get to give your home the style you want. The ideal choice should be harmonious with the facade of the building while offering a transition with the style of your exterior and interior spaces. On the other hand, the plantation shutter Sydney offers can be helpful for you.

What styles of blinds are suitable for a terrace?

When choosing the perfect design of outdoor blinds, you should keep in mind that they will serve as a transition element between the interior and exterior space of your home. For this reason, the design you choose should be the perfect transition between both environments, coordinating perfectly with the decoration of the interior, the exterior, and the facade style.https://www.mojourbanliving.com.au/terrace-homes/

On the other hand, it is also important to choose functional options, which block the entry of the sun during the summer but in turn allow the passage of air. In this way, in the hot months, you can enjoy an open space throughout the day while blocking the heat of the sun’s rays and get intimacy with the use of curtains and blinds.

Choose a style of blind that joins the versatility necessary to adapt the design to the decorative requirements with the functionality of blocking direct sunlight without preventing the passage of air. They work as a hybrid between awning and curtain. In addition, you can choose from the many materials and finishes available in the market to create a unique and personal style while enjoying its benefits.

Advantages of Alicante blinds

If you have doubts about whether installing an Alicante blind is the best option, here are some of its advantages over other types of blinds:

  • Its installation is economical. Its mechanism is very simple and does not need large structures or technicians, so you will not have to leave a fortune to place them. In addition, you can benefit from the numerous online offers and get very attractive prices.
  • They are very versatile. Although the traditional style is in reeds or wood, nowadays you can find them in materials of the most diverse, such as PVC or rattan. In addition to the raw material, you can also choose from a multitude of finishes and designs.
  • They are functional. They effectively fulfill their mission of blocking the sun’s rays while letting the air run.
  • They are decorative. Being a traditional design and the type of mechanism, they carry, these roller blinds for terraces are very decorative. You can choose between the different materials and finishes the options that most reinforce the visual concept you want to create.
  • They are authentic. It is a style of blind very characteristic of some regions and that is not seen beyond our borders. For this reason, it is an authentic way to decorate your home that you will not see in any international decoration magazine.

How to choose the perfect Alicante blind?

Now that you know more about the advantages they offer, the most important step remains, choosing which model is the most suitable for your decorating style.

To succeed with your decision, the first thing you have to take into account is the transition of styles that you want to make between the interior of the house and the exterior and look for a design that allows you to make that change in an organic way.

The most versatile models are those of wood, which work well as a link to even very formal environments that coexist with rustic environments. To get the wood right, consider the color. A clear Alicante blind will help make the interior of the room seem brighter even when it is lowered. On the other hand, opting for a tone like that of the floor will create an interesting visual effect, which will prolong the spaces visually.

If what you want is to play with colors and maintain lightness, your ideal choice is PVC styles. Select shades that match the color stories of both rooms, either using neutral ranges that complement both spaces and as a color accent if you want to use the blinds as a focal point.

When you are looking to give your terrace an original style you can inquire among the many materials that exist, such as reeds, which will give the environment the neutral appearance of the wood but will add a certain oriental touch. There are also roller shutters made of rattan that, in addition to being very little seen, will help you get a bohemian or rustic look, with a casual spirit and a very original aesthetic. 

In summary, if you use the shutters for Alicante terrace you can enjoy the benefits they offer at an aesthetic, functional and economic level, giving your home an original and different touch.

Wooden Blinds for Terraces: 

The wooden blinds are a great choice for your terrace. Since it is a place where we love to enjoy free time and good weather, what less than decorate it as it deserves. And, for this, it is essential to have an element such as blinds, which can provide a touch of distinction while fulfilling an important function by protecting us from heat, sunlight and even prying eyes.

How to choose wooden blinds for suitable terraces

In this field, the number of models to choose from is almost overwhelming. You must consider not only the aspect of the one you think you prefer but also how it will combine on your terrace and if you can integrate it correctly into the environment. Let’s discuss the most fashionable types today.

Venetian blinds

Comfortable and very durable, Venetian blinds are another option that you should consider for your terrace. They are one of the most demanded models. Its use is very common in single-family homes, apartments in summer areas or even cabins. They stand out for giving you a spectacular result not only from the aesthetic point of view but also from the functional one. This is because they protect your privacy, but at the same time, because of their placement, they allow a large amount of light to pass through.

Companies can manufacture this product in very different finishes and customize it to the maximum to suit your needs and tastes. Do not forget that a blind, however beautiful, should marry the decoration elements that your home already has, as well as the decoration style you follow.

The slats that make up these blinds are generally two measures wide: 25 or 50 millimeters. The widest option is the most frequently chosen, as well as the most economical option. Of course, when we work with different materials, such as aluminum or PVC, the cost is even lower.

The only drawback with which you will find yourself is the deadline since its manufacture can take up to three weeks.

Mat blinds

Finally, we have the mat type blinds. They are a very fashionable and valid decoration form not only for terraces but for any type of outdoor space.

These blinds are composed of a succession of slats made of pinewood and that are joined by interlocking cords. The up and down system is operated by a cord and a pulley, which will always allow you to adjust the light you let in.


The finish can be requested both natural and tinted. In the first case, the price will be lower, since no additional treatment is given. In the case of tinting, we find a more expensive product, given that a dye and the corresponding varnish are applied. In return you will have, of course, a more adapted and personalized blind, as well as better treated and that will last you longer; It will better withstand the weather and the passage of time.

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