The Best Way to Organize Your Corner Computer Desk to get Maximum Productivity

February 26, 2020

Apart from spending time at your homes, the next place that one spends most of their time is at one’s place of work. Spending hours at a desk can seem one of the most tedious tasks, especially when one considers that most of their waking hours trying to work their best each day. Everything on one’s desk plays a massive factor in setting a precedent for one’s productivity throughout the working hours. Each and everything from the position of one’s desktop monitor to the height of the chair in ratio with the table etc., all play a huge role in determining what the right kind of workspace desk for your space is. People’s productivity is proportional to one’s level of comfort in the office space.

office desk organization

A workplace shouldn’t seem like a dreadful time or pull your mood down. That is precisely what the factors surrounding one’s workstation and the workstation itself impose on – your productivity. Firstly, select the right kind of chairs and corner computer desks to increase productivity. After that, focus on how to set up these chairs to maximize one’s productivity at work. 

Ideal size for workstation

A standard desk height size of about 29 to 30 inches is ideal for all home offices and for the other office workspace workstations. Not only is it a formal setting for one to begin working, but it also demarcates the ideal setting to sit comfortably with less of a strain on one’s posture. This ensures that nobody will face much of a problem such as hand aches, backaches, shoulder blade ache, etc., as a result of poor workstation conditions.

How to set up your Workstation Desk

Much of the problems that employees face at work is pertaining to the medical issues that arise from a poor working posture, and even when you have one of the best workstations with an ideal amount of height and weight, they can be affected inversely. This, in turn, affects one’s productivity at work. Here is how you set up the desk in the right way, can help with one’s workplace productivity, with the help of these few factors. rad about Martin Polanco

  • Lighting: One’s surroundings have a massive influence on their productivity. Most of the work is completed as soon as all these factors start playing in accordance with the ideal setup for a workstation
computer table lighting

The quality of lighting in one’s office can affect mood changes. If the lighting is too poor or very harsh, then it can cause some amounts of strain to one’s eyes. Everyday strains on eyes can cause massive issues overtime to the eye’s health. In the workplace, it is best to inculcate the use of natural lighting as it places the best role in keeping one’s eyes safe than any harsh or dimly-lit commercial lighting. Not only that, researchers have studied and do advise that the use of natural lighting can reduce stress, improve the morale and mood of the employee, causing them to sleep easier and better at night.

  • Plants: As silly as this point sounds that much truer is the notion that using planting at work can help improve one’s productivity at work. The use of indoor plants prevents fatigue, especially when the work is very demanding and attention driven. Ideally, those employees using a corner computer desk, have the perfect blend of lighting requirement as well as a great green view. Those without a window, the view would profit more from incorporating indoor plants on their desks that would keep them creative looking as well as feeling positive and productive throughout the day.
  • Temperature: Another huge factor that affects one’s productivity at a workspace is temperature. A study done by Cornell University found that just by increasing office temperature levels from 68 degrees to 77-degree Fahrenheit, workers were less prone to making mistakes> the improvement in typing errors were 44% lower than usual. Keeping this temperature at work during the peak of summers can help with increasing productivity as opposed to keeping the employees feeling lethargic as a result of the summer heat.
  • Ergonomic Chairs: As important as it is to have workstation desks at an ideal; height, it is also equally important ergonomic chairs to go along with this as a combo offer to keep your seating height at an ideal position as well. Look for ones that have good lumbar support, cushiony seat depth, have an apt armrest, are reclinable up to 135 degrees at the very least and are made of a durable material that can last long.
  • Proper Monitor Placement: Another factor that plays an essential role is that of the office workstation and the right monitor placement on it. It is not only important to have the right kind of workstation desk, but also equally important to follow monitor placement guidelines set for your health. At all times, keep your monitor screen at least 20 to 40 inches away from your eye, it helps in aiding proper posture. Always make sure the top line of the monitor is at an equal eye line or below it as anything above the eye line could adversely affect your posture, causing a strain and pain in your neck. Make sure never to tilt the monitor more than 20 degrees; it may make it harder to read things on the monitor. If your corner computer desk is next top a window, then make it absolutely sure that you place the monitor perpendicular to the window, as it will help in avoiding the glare that will result in straining your eye. Apart from the placement of the monitors on your desk, also remember to place the mouse correctly as well. The placement of the mouse can affect the way your wrist acts up during certain times. Find the perfect space to keep your wrist pain free.

This is just one of the key ways to keep your desk at work organized as well as correctly set according to the standards prescribed by researchers on the study of body posture and work environment. Go through this guide before you plan to get any workstations for yourself to put in your at homework desk as well as for your offices. This will ensure you or your employees’ productivity at work while keeping their health at a peak.

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