Treat Your Place with Crushed Velvet Curtains

February 26, 2020

Velvet is made of thin fibers; any fiber material can be used to make velvet. Generally, silk, cotton, and synthetic fibers (polyester, rayon) are used to make velvet. Velvet made from synthetic materials is more durable and flexible. Different types of velvet fabric material are available in the market, which includes velveteen which is the combination of rayon and silk, hammered or crushed velvet, and chiffon. Velvet is used to make curtains, bedding sets, and furniture. In this article, we are talking about crushed velvet curtains exclusively.

Crushed velvet curtains add a nice touch to your place by creating a lustrous appearance. Crushed velvet curtains look splendid in dark colors such as black, deep red, navy blue, and purple. These curtains reflect light at the right angle and appear shimmery—these elegant curtains are suitable for the bedroom, drawing room, and dining room as crushed velvet curtains are heavy and create a perfect fall when hung. They can be styled in a number of styles, i.e., eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, double pleat, tap top, and single pleat and are hung from a rod or track. 

Treat your windows with crushed velvet curtains:

The texture of crushed velvet curtains adds an eye-catching and glamorous look to your window. Beautiful crushed velvet curtains help you to hide your old windows and make them appear classic and royal. The heavy crushed velvet curtains are very suitable during chilly winter days and help you to keep your place warm and save energy at the same time. You can add heavy tussles and metal tiebacks to get a retro look; for summer, you can go for a combination of sheer curtains and lightweight velvet curtains. If you feel that crushed velvet curtains are a bit extravagant, then do not go for metal tie backs or heavy tassels; go for cotton or linen curtains with a combination of crushed velvet curtains.

Opt a strategy

Opt a strategy for designing your room with velvet curtains, go for velvet furniture, cushions, stools, and bedheads to complement the curtains. For the living room, add matching velvet cushions and patterned velvet fabric to your chairs to fit the curtains well into your space. For the bedroom, do not overdo it with velvet or it will look a bit extravagant, just go for matching bedheads and wall pattern to create a soft and lush look. The velvet curtains balance out the hard timber and marble floors and help to lessen their harshness with their smooth and soft look.

The key is not to overdo; just go with a balanced look. You can opt for the same strategy for other fabric materials like satin, linen, cotton and chenille as well. 

 Velvet comes in different forms some are more durable than others, while others are softer and finer. So if you want durable velvet curtains, you should go for silk and velvet blended curtains, but they can be expensive, so think wisely before selecting. Cotton velvet is also long-lasting, and the main attraction is its low price, these curtains are easy to maintain, look fancy, and are water-resistant (water does not disturb the curtains’ texture).

Limit up the velvet usage:

Velvet adds a brighter and refined touch and makes the place luxurious and colorful. But too much velvet can make the place look a bit over and aged. If you go for the velvet curtains, do not go for a large piece of velvet furniture, at any rate, instead add smaller pieces of velvet to your chair’s arms, bedheads, or stools. This will create a balanced and unified look all over. 

Choose the right color:

When you go shopping for curtains, it becomes a tough choice to select from hundreds of different colors. Before choosing the color it’s essential to look at your place first and then select. For example, yellow, orange, and blue colors look top class but are the worst choice for your bedroom because these bold colors will keep you up at night. Dusty pink, off-white or light grey curtains will go well for your bedroom as they give a soothing and calming effect. Colors significantly affect the atmosphere of your place and reflect your taste, personality, and style, therefore, it is necessary to select the right color for your place. so, let’s explore 

Dark-colored curtains:

Dark shades add a warm and sophisticated look to your place. Crushed velvet curtains in deep red, black, or deep green color are best to enrich the place with their luxurious look and highlight the place. They also do not get dirty quickly and hide the stains well. They have a disadvantage that they make the place look smaller and lose their color soon due to sun exposure. So they are better for a large, dark, and spacious room; otherwise, they will be just a disaster.

Light-colored curtains:

Light-colored crushed velvet curtains look soft and elegant and help to make a small room appear bigger. They let the maximum light to get in and make the place brighter and spacious. But they get dirty soon and do not hide stains, so they need a frequent wash. 

If you have a golden touch anywhere in the interior of your room, golden curtains is the perfect choice to add a gentle and soft look. The texture of crushed velvet curtains looks neutral and soft to look at. For a light and sheer feeling: off-white, baby pink, light grey, and powder blue curtains will serve you best.

Matte Velvet Curtain

To add more drama to your place, you can go for solid curtains with an array of jewels, beads, or buttons. If you want to add the touch of shimmer and style, the matte look can be balanced out with metal tiebacks, hooks, and bows. The solid colours, texture, and the generous feel add a lift to your living room, bedroom, or dining rooms. Matte velvet curtains are best to be used in the dining room and as a room separator. You may also like to visit huge range of living room curtains and more curtains at imperial rooms official online store.

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  1. sophia

    The term “crushed velvet curtains” is used when describing something as soft, which is derived from the fabric velvet. Velvet fabric is indeed soft, but one of the heaviest curtain fabrics you might encounter! It has a smooth fabric that looks elegant and is considered the epitome of luxury because of how shiny and smooth it is.


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