Simple steps to buy property in India

March 2, 2020

India is not a small country with limited rules which can be understood just through a single video or article, still I have managed to write as general rules and tips as possible. The diversity and secularism in India have got the Indian rules in a lot of complexities.

If you are thinking of buying a new house or Provident Woodfield and provident plots in India then you must keep on reading as I have researched a lot to gather as much knowledge about this important aspect of life as possible.

There are a lot of confusions and myths which are governing this process in various lands. The most common myth about property buying and selling in India is the control of RERA, not every piece of land in India is managed and monitored by RERA.

So, while buying the property you will have to make sure, that you know all the nitty gritty details, otherwise you may make a flawed plan which can be a toll on your money and time.

1. Finding the agent

There are numerous property and real estate dealers in India, you will have to do a bit of research before ending upon someone.

The best way to gauge any company’s or property dealer’s caliber if to check on to their website. There you can easily understand what type of services you must be looking for in order to find the best plot or house for you.

Read reviews about that company and decide whether you want to opt it for buying your land or not. Moreover you must compare commission prices as well.

2. Find the land

Once you have found the right agent, next it is time to locate the best possibilities. You must look for lands and houses which can benefit you in the long run.

You must discuss your confusions about various types of lands, and he will guide you about it. Moreover, in the mean time you must also try to check on to the prices of these lands and the difference between the ground realities for each type of land.

3. Make a budget

You cannot buy the best house or a wonderful plot near the park, if you have not decided about the main thing which is your money.

You must tell the agent about your financial position, he will then try to find a house for you in the demanded range.

4. The right to sell

You may think that it is not an important aspect of buying property, but if you are skipping on it, then you can be in hot waters someday.

Once you have decided which plot you are going to buy, then it is time to ask the buyer about the papers and legal status of the land. You can consult a lawyer for assurance.

5. Decide the payment

You may have a vague idea about the money, but while dealing and finalizing the money, you must try to convince the seller for an affordable price.

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