Finding The Right Accommodation While Traveling

March 16, 2020

One of the decisions that you have to make, as you plan for a trip to a different destination, is where you will sleep. The accommodation option that you choose can have a significant impact on your overall experience while traveling.

You, therefore, have to compare the different options available as you focus on factors such as the location, price, facility type, ease of booking, as well as travel security. Considering all these factors can help you choose the most suitable option that can help you fulfill all your travel needs. Here are the options that you should weigh:

  • Hotels

Most of the travellers often choose this option since it is more secure and private. Though you may have to pay more for you to enjoy a luxury suite, it can give you peace since you know that your items are kept safe. In case you lose your luggage, the hotel management can take responsibility for it. They, however, advise you to take the necessary security measures.

When you are working with a particular budget, you should try to compare the different hotels in your travel destination, so that you can identify an affordable one. Start your search for accessible hotels online such as using google hotel ads, but do not choose the cheapest one. Some of the low prices hotels in travel destinations do not always have the best conditions. If you have the budget, go for luxury villa rentals like Cayman Villas.

  • Apartment Rentals

If you intend to stay in a city for a while, you can save some funds by choosing an apartment rental. Apartments for rent in Oakland will be a good choice if you are planning to travel to California.  This is a more affordable option compared to hotels. You also get most of the amenities present in an apartment while touring a particular destination for a while. Apart from renting an apartment with the help of a rental company or rental apps, you can also look for people who usually sublet their apartments from time to time when they are not occupying them.

It is an excellent way for the apartment owners to get an extra income from renting such spaces. As the traveler, you also get to save some funds since you would be paying only a portion of the rent. The problem with this is that it is not the most secure. If, for instance, you rent an apartment in an area that has a high crime rate, you should think of how to stay safe when travelling. You can do this by maybe adding an extra lock mechanism to the apartment rental to prevent a break-in when you are out exploring.

  • Timeshare Rentals

While some people like traveling alone, others prefer group traveling. For the second type of travellers, timeshare rentals would be an ideal accommodation option that you can consider. Though such rentals are not very different from hotel suites, they have some common spaces. In a timeshare rental, there is a door that separates the living room from the bedroom. They also include a kitchen that has basic things such as a stove and fridge.

Staying in such a rental as a group can help you save money since you share the costs of renting the place. You also do not have to keep on dining out every time since you can cook for yourself. Though sharing spaces is fun, it may not be the most secure option. You should, therefore, take different security measures to avoid losing anything.

Getting your hands on timeshare rental as part of your investment would be a great idea if you can afford it. You will be guaranteed a vacation place of your own and you can stay for even a week and you can get all the amenities you want because you choose your own place of investment. You just had to make sure that you can handle the growing maintenance fees so that it will not become a financial burden to you in the future. If you want to stop paying because you really can’t afford the yearly rising fees then you can get a great timeshare cancellation company to help you.

  • Hostels

A lot of young travelers also like staying in hostels during their vacations. This can be an excellent option for budget travelers, since it is cheaper than facilities such as apartment rentals or hotels. Hostels contain different rooms that have beds for everyone. You can choose a room that you share with one more person or go for an open space hostel. Big hostels often have a lot of occupants and come at a cheaper cost. Though you can pay very little for this accommodation option, you should never overlook secure traveling. Start by doing in-depth research on different hostels on the destination and find out which ones have high cases of theft, so that you can avoid them.

Also, you should avoid leaving your belongings exposed as you stay in the hostel. Taking security measures can prevent you from having to worrying about losing anything. As you consider this accommodation option, you should also determine if you are comfortable with sharing bathrooms with others. Renting a private room can help you enjoy a bit more privacy.

  • Sleeper Trains

Some people also prefer sleeper trains since they prevent you from spending so much on hotels. Traveling during nighttime can help you save on some costs. Sleeper trains often provide various accommodation options to travellers such as reclinable seats, private couchettes, or private rooms.

Though this may be a convenient accommodation option, you should only use it when you do not have a choice since sleeper trains do not have desirable restrooms or showers. They are not secure since you can easily get robbed by an opportunistic thief as you try to catch some sleep.

  • Camping

Do you love nature and are looking forward to your next trip into the wild? You should consider setting up a camp in a particular area. You have to pay a specific amount to be allowed to set up a tent in an area for a few days. Camping is one of the most suitable accommodation options to travelers looking to escape from their busy city lifestyles. As you do this, you need to secure your belongings since sharing camps with others can lead to theft cases.

  • Home Exchange

One of the cheapest accommodation options that travelers are considering nowadays is home exchange. This is where you switch your dwelling with another family or person in a different country. Most old travelers love home exchange since the option gives them a chance to live cheaply in a different country. Due to the high-security risks of this option, you need to ensure that you know the other person or family well before entrusting them with your house.


As you consider the accommodation options we have outlined, you should also go through a guide on travel security, so that you can find out different ways to be safe in such circumstances.

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