Why are Toys Essential for Childhood Development?

April 7, 2020

While most parents know that they need to buy their kids a few toys to engage them, but most of them do not realize how essential it is for your child’s development in several aspects. We have listed here a few essential life-skills that your child develops playing with these toys. read about pampers vs huggies

Motor Skills:

While playing with toys, children get physically engaged as they color a book or use lego bricks to build a car, their sense of touch and sight gets polished and it strengthens their arms and legs. These toys also let children be busy and physically engaged, hence such active kids can avoid childhood obesity. Different toys help in developing this skill further and further as they keep growing from toddler to teenager.


As a child is encouraged to use crayons and paint to color, play with dough or do papercraft, it only encourages the artistic development and improves their ability to differentiate between colors.

Emotional Development:

Toys encourage children to engage in activities such as role-playing with dolls, action figures, or stuffed toys. Often you will find your child acting to be a doctor, a chef or a scientist and building up a background story that can help them create an imaginary world where they make decisions that can aid in their emotional development.

Social Development:

Toys such as dolls or stuffed toys can give them an understanding of how society functions as children tend to interact with their little toy friends. This helps them be more interactive in a group as they believe their toy friends to be real. It also helps in developing their language skill as they practice talking to the toys most of the day.

Learn to Share:

When your kid has many toys, you can teach them the value of sharing toys with other friends. This is an important lesson to learn as it teaches them not to be greedy and materialistic.

Train Them to Stay Away from Technology:

Technology is a great thing for adults but it is just engulfing the childhood of many children out there hence you need to refrain from letting your kid use your smartphone instead engage them with new baby toys that they can enjoy playing along with while learning new skills.

Cognitive Development:

Board games, building blocks, and puzzles help in the cognitive development of kids by stimulating their memory and testing their concentration. This skill is essential in the future, as it will help them to easily solve math problems and learn new languages.

We, adults, see toys as just as toys, but it means more than the world to children. What you probably do to realize is that a simple stuffed bear can influence your child’s social skills, or pieces of the puzzle can improve the child’s ability over the years. Toys are the things that children interact with, in their developing years, hence these are the medium that can give them plenty of joy along with means to develop their physical and mental skills.

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