Simple Ways to Make Yourself Happy Every Day

April 8, 2020

Too many people try to be happy by pursuing ever-higher goals and adhering to an ever-higher standard of perfection. However, they miss the most essential step. Instead, being good will get you nearer your lofty ambitions. The more you value yourself, the more confidence you build, and the happier you are. Here are some acts of kindness that happy people do for themselves.

Promise to Do One Good Thing for Yourself Daily

That is not being egotistical. Do whatever you can to do something that you love each day, big or small. Put this promise into some form of a pledge because it will remind you to treat yourself with love and kindness on a daily basis. It will inspire you to take care of yourself properly, pursue your goals and dreams, and not allow people to be dismissive. Complying with that commitment will bring real benefits for you.

Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is a big part of it. People get worked up because they desire perfection. It’s hard because most of us spend our lives angry at what we’ve done wrong. Then, we beat ourselves up when we’re not there. Forgiving yourself means accepting who and what you are. A good trick to do this is to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I love you and I forgive you”.

Accept Yourself as You are Right Now

Body image is one of the biggest stumbling blocks, but age can be too. When you love yourself, you try to be the best person you can be in the body that you have. That’s as much as you can do. Self-acceptance also involves accepting your success and income level for what it is, no matter what age you are. If you are an entrepreneur, in particular, you may get a lot of criticism like, “why are you wasting your time” or “you are not successful enough for your age”. What you should be asking yourself is if you are happy with what you are doing. If you are, tough tomatoes for everyone else.

Eliminate Toxic People in Your Life and Workplace

Avoid employees, colleagues, business partners, investors, and even customers who make you unhappy. Eliminate toxic people from your life and workplace. It may be easier said than done, but there are no reasons or benefits to putting up with people who say or do unkind things.

Make Your Health a Priority

Take good care of yourself. Exercise, eat right, and take vitamins and supplements. However, do not let health concerns become an excuse to beat yourself up if you slip up. You are allowed to indulge yourself once in a while. If you feel like eating a litre of ice cream once in a while, you can do so, but don’t overdo it.

Give Yourself a Welcoming Space

Simple things like walking into your bedroom and seeing your bed organised can put a smile on your face. Your home should feel like a home, which means welcoming and safe. Taking the time to arrange and do some chores will help. Ensuring your home is protected from danger, such as burglary, fire, or electrical malfunction, will give you peace of mind. Getting insurance coverage from reliable companies, like State, will give you a sense of security as well. You can apply the same approach to your workspace by making it as orderly as possible. Cleaning up your workspace and getting rid of unnecessary things will make you feel calmer and more in control. Make sure that the environment of your office space is what you want, meaning pleasant and productive.

Get Some Sunlight

Many people work in dark spaces. It’s very unhealthy. Try and work in a place where you can get access to natural light. If for some reason that’s impossible, invest in a full-spectrum light bulb. Go with a low-wattage bulb, such as a 50W incandescent light or a 60W fluorescent light. You can also go for some skylights.

Buy a Premium Product

For many people, when they are bringing a bag of coffee to someone else, they choose a luxury brand with good packaging. When it comes to picking something for themselves, they will pick an inexpensive one. Stop doing that by going for a more expensive brand if you feel like it. We spend money on others very often, but we’re cheap with ourselves. The better brand is just a few extra dollars; by getting it, you’re convincing yourself that you’re worth more every time you use it.


Making yourself happy is actually less expensive and more doable than you think, as the list above has shown. A little more self-love and care is what you need to enjoy your life.


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