Know These Tricks To Pack Clothes For A Week In Your Backpack

April 10, 2020

Traveling and packing go hand in hand, but carrying huge bags while you are traveling can become quite menacing. Traveling for a couple of days might not be problematic, because you can fit all the clothes in a small bag. Whereas traveling for a week can be quite hectic. Packing at that time has to be carefully done else, you might end up with back and shoulder pain as you travel. So, this article is written exclusively for those who want to pack-smart. So, are you ready to read through it and apply these tricks when in need?

  1. Search The Wardrobe Thoroughly 

Yes, when you are packing for a week, search the entire wardrobe carefully. Most people end up shopping exclusively for travel and that can turn against you altogether. When you run a search in your closet, you will get an idea of the already existing clothes and accessories. With this, you will be able to make a list of items that are missing and are of the utmost importance during your travel. When you do this activity, you will also be able to save a lot on unnecessary shopping, is that not a great idea?

  1. Check The Weather Of The Place 

The next important thing that you must do look for the weather conditions of the place where you are traveling. The capacities of the bags you choose are dependent on this factor. Traveling to a hot and arid region, do not require carrying heavier clothes or a backpack. But, if the destination where you are going to is pretty cold then, you need to think of choosing a giant bag. The winter wear would be quite heavy, and a variety of clothes to protect from the cold winter breeze and chilly nights are to be carried.

  1. Pick The Clothes Wisely

Once you get the hang of the weather, you can start choosing your clothes from your wardrobe. Start picking up cotton and linen if you are traveling to a humid place. Make sure to avoid clothes made of denim, silk, and polyester. If you are traveling to a place that is cold, carrying clothes made of woolen, leather and suede are essential. Picking clothes wisely would help you to reduce the load from your backpack.

  1. Choose The Right Backpack 

When all the above activities are perfectly done, this step would automatically fall into place. The size of the backpack completely depends on the kind of clothes you have chosen and also the number of pieces that you are going to carry. Unless and until you need a change of clothes or if you are on a photo-shoot tour then, you do not have to take too many varieties unnecessarily. When you are choosing a backpack, ensure to check for the supporting straps, compartments, space, quality, and fastening threads.

  1. List Your Activities Properly

Make sure to list out the entire plan and make a checklist of the items that you need. If you are going to waterfall destinations or beach destinations then, you may have to carry appropriate clothing. These kinds of places do not need heavy attire so, that saves a lot of space in your backpack. If it is a hill-station, you can choose to carry light-weight windcheaters and jackets. This light-weight material can be easily rolled and kept inside the backpack.

  1. Roll Your Clothes And Organize Your Footwear

You must make sure to roll the attire as shown on backpacks. global. You would be able to learn all the tips and tricks when you log into the backpacks. global. When the clothes are rolled, it becomes pretty easy to store everything, including the accessories and toiletries as well. Also, if you are carrying shampoos and body washes, carrying them in small pouches are better rather than carrying the huge bottles. Most of the backpacks will have a separate space for footwear. If you are taking an extra pair of footwear, keep them underneath the clothes. Remember to hide a pair of socks in the shoes.

  1. Say No To Huge Tubes Of Cosmetics 

Carrying the original containers of cosmetics can again make your backpacks heavier. Transfer the creams, lotions, gels, and powder into smaller containers that are easy to carry. You will be able to find the same thing when you visit the backpacks. Global. When you carry the original cosmetic boxes, it becomes pretty difficult to organize them as well. Hence, taking them in a separate compartment of the backpack is a better idea.

Well, these are some of the best hacks that you can try to pack your bags light for a week. With these tricks, your trip is not just going to be thrilling, but a light one as well.

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  1. Maddy

    Yesss – scale down cosmetics and toiletries. If you have the small sample versions – use them. Also – those reusable travel bottles are awesome.

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