How We Can Use CBD Oil For Pets

May 8, 2020

Do you know that our beloved furry friends have an endocannabinoid system just like us? What does that mean? It means they can experience the same benefits of CBD from CBD intake just like humans. Cannabidiol, an active component of the cannabis plant, has now been proven to exercise numerous healing properties on mammals. There are now actually decades of proof with regard to its medicinal effect. And it is more and more often incorporated by pet owners into therapies for their feline and canine friends. 

The range of conditions that benefit from the plant is wide – from inflammation to neurological disorders, cancer pains, muscle spasms, seizures, and even behavioral issues. It can also speed up the recovery period after a sickness or surgery. Here you can find out more about how to properly introduce it to your pet. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common uses.

Depression And Anxiety

Probably the most significant benefit of CBD for humans and animals alike is its ability to address issues such as anxiety and depression. If you observe destructive behaviors in your dog, such as excessive and repeated chewing on objects, urinating around the house or pacing up and down that happens over an extended period, the animal is almost certainly experiencing anxiety of some sort. Since the chronic forms of depression and anxiety are due to hormonal imbalances in the body, acting on the ECS system will help regulate sleep, appetite, moods and any lethargy or aggressiveness associated with the condition. 

Returning your pet’s hormones to their normal levels will result in their rebalancing. You will also notice a consistent increase in the animal’s happiness, due to the effect on serotonin and adenosine receptors. This means that CBD will not only be beneficial in dealing with your furry friend’s anxiety levels but also work just as efficiently on their mood swings and fears. If your dog shies away from other people or animals or simply gives you a really difficult time if you bring him along when traveling, then CBD oil can really come to the rescue.

Effective Against Seizures 

If you were ever to take epilepsy or seizure medication, you would be appalled by its side-effects, as they are nothing short of severe. This is due to the fact that they are targeting a serious condition where the brain is misfiring really strong electrical signals to the body and suppressing this activity requires serious intervention. While this is somewhat effective, the problem with these medications is that they leave the person lethargic and struggling to go about their everyday activities, while at the same time adversely affecting vital organs, such as the kidneys and liver, for example.

The good news here is that higher doses of cannabidiol can effectively treat epilepsy and seizures of different kind without harming the bodily systems. You can learn more from sites like It can both interrupt and prevent seizures when applied in the short term, and can significantly diminish their frequency after prolonged use.

Managing Pain And Arthritis

Anybody’s quality of life can be greatly affected by back pain, arthritis, and similar chronic conditions. The same is true for your pet as well. The one thing these issues usually have in common is joint inflammation. Interestingly, CBD is known to act as an incredible pain relief agent, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It will actually provide relief for your pet’s discomfort in a really short time. 

CBD oil helps suppress pain by targeting the neurological receptors which are responsible for turning it off and on. Blocking the neurons prevents pain and inflammation signals from being sent across the body and that’s how painful points gradually subside and disappear. It is so incredibly effective, that researchers are already working on a new drug class, specifically targeted at chronic pain sufferers.  

Stunting Cancer Cell Growth

It might seem difficult to believe, but cannabinoids have an adverse effect on the growth of cancer cells. As an additional benefit, it is also known to boost the immune system of patients, thus giving the body extra support in fighting cancer cell formation. We can then safely conclude that administering CBD to your pet throughout his life in the treatment of different conditions you also work towards lowering the chances of him developing cancer.

For animals that already have cancer and are currently undergoing treatment, owners can help diminish negative side-effects of medications as well as disease symptoms. CBD not only does not interfere with regular cancer treatment but can actually be used in conjunction with it to better the pet’s quality of life. And even tough there have been no extensive studies which explain the mechanism of treatment, its positive effect is undeniable. While it is not recommended to try and substitute traditional cancer treatment for CBD oil, you can almost certainly use it together and alongside with them in order to increase chances of a successful outcome leading to healing and recovery.

Overall Health Booster

In the end, even if your cat or dog is not experiencing any health issues, supplementing with CBD can give an overall health boost. By stimulating the ECS system, it will regulate the animal’s sleep, mood, digestion and appetite, and prevent undesirable behaviors. If you are wondering where to start, will provide a great beginner’s guide on the compound.

Prevention is another big part of a long and healthy life. The fact that serious conditions, which affect pets later in life can be avoided or significantly alleviated is nothing short of amazing. Of course, as with any other kind of supplement or medication, before you administer it to your pet, perform the necessary research and consult with your vet or another proper specialist. Then start small to determine the proper form and dosage. You will soon be able to figure out what works for your individual case. 

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