Why Choose Compression Socks For Travel?

June 17, 2020

Contemplating whether or not to put on your socks when traveling? Come summers and the idea of pulling up those stockings become repulsive. Then should you be reconsidering wearing a pair? We are not talking of the regular ones, but those sports stockings i.e compression socks for running. Have you ever thought of wearing those compression socks during travel? Let us find out why wearing compression socks while traveling could be a viable idea. 

Traveling might be more hectic than it appears. So, even if you are simply sitting the journey, the level of exhaustion could be as much as running for miles at a go.

Health Issues Caused By Travel 

As discussed, long journeys could make you susceptible to developing an array of health conditions. One such prominent ailment is deep vein thrombosis. This occurs due to the clotting of blood in a vein. Long travels could compel you to stay glued to your seat for long, thus straining the lower leg, thigh, and pelvis. Sometimes, it could also affect the arm.

In most cases, deep vein thrombosis can be treated. However, in severe cases, the blood clot can break off and move through the bloodstream to your lungs causing an arterial blockage. 

To learn more on why you should opt for compression stockings when catching the next flight, check this out.

The question is whether this can be prevented? If yes, then how? If you are planning a long travel, especially by flight, you could stand a chance of developing blood pools in your lower limbs or even in your arms. And this can be simply averted by wearing a pair of compression socks. Yes, it might sound strange but we will try explaining how this works. 

The compression stockings have been designed to provide extra comfort and cushioning to your feet. This enables the legs to pump the blood back out of the veins and push it up. They can reduce the swelling on your legs that are caused by prolonged sitting. Also, if you suffer from varicose veins, this medical pair of socks can reduce the discomfort. You can also wear it as a preventive measure. 

If you have a history of DVT, make sure to stay hydrated, avoid alcohol consumption, and stretch yourself whenever possible during your long travel. And yes, do not forget stashing a pair of compression socks!

Being immobile, especially for long hours not only tell upon one’s body posture, but can also cause severe health conditions such as deep vein thrombosis. With reliable providers such as Lasso Gear travel socks you can travel fearlessly as you bid farewell to puffy ankles. 

What To Look For In Your Travel Socks?

Once you have decided to pick your compression socks, it is essential to make a comprehensive choice on the variety that you buy. The first thing would be to choose the appropriate material. These stockings are typically stretchy like any other regular pair but can still be strong enough to provide the required pressure to promote blood flow.

You will find an array of these, some made of breathable lycra, nylon, polyester, or a combination. Many travel socks are designed to help your feet fight odor by wicking away moisture and can be ideal for travel.

While you check the material, do not miss out on the pressure rating of the pair you choose. The pressure determines the tightness and the amount of pressure it will put on your legs. It is usually measured in millimeters of mercury and expressed as mmHg.

The lighter pair typically measures between 10-15 mmHg, the mild ones between 15-20 mmHg, the moderate around 20-30 mmHg, and the firm pair around 30-40 mmHg. While the lighter pair is ideal for healthier people who can stand on their feet all day, the firm variant of compressive socks is commonly recommended for people who’ve undergone surgery or are living with chronic illness.

Which one should you choose? The answer is when traveling, fitter people can choose the minimum pressure rating socks as they are effective, while those with a higher risk of developing DVT can opt for the pair designed with a higher pressure. Know why to choose your travel compression stockings by reading this post: https://www.mcmasteroptimalaging.org/blog/detail/blog/2017/12/11/long-plane-flight-try-compression-socks-to-relieve-circulation-problems

Also, look for consistency in the compression level, so that it is well distributed across all areas of your legs and feet. You can pick the graduated compression socks that apply a higher level of pressure at the ankle and a decreased one towards the leg. This would prevent swelling. 

Do not forget to pick the right size as loose stockings will be of no use. A pair of compression socks that snugly fits your feet is good to go. Avoid wearing very tight stockings when traveling. 

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