How Do Pellet Smokers Work And Are They Worth It

June 17, 2020

Campers and backyard BBQ enthusiasts have several outdoor cooking options, including traditional charcoal grills, electric smokers, gas grills, and more. Wood pellet smokers are one of those options.

Today, we will take a closer look at pellet smoker uses, how they work, and if they are worth considering as a new addition to your outdoor cooking gear:

What Is A Pellet Smoker?

A pellet smoker is an outdoor cooker that uses food-grade compressed wooden pellets as fuel. Some refer to pellet smokers as pellet grillers because, in addition to smoking, you can use them to grill or bake meat.

These smokers are ideal for slow-and-low barbequing as the pellets burn slowly and at relatively low temperatures. As a result, a pellet smoker is a viable option for cooking things like turkey, fish, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and whole chicken. You can also use this appliance as an outdoor oven.

There are many different pellet smoker models available from various brands, and each model is unique in terms of features, temperature control options, and construction materials. Read reviews of the best pellet smokers here.

How Do Pellet Smokers Work?

Pellet smokers may differ in terms of features and size, but all of them work in a similar manner. They typically consist of a pellet hopper and a cooking chamber. At the bottom of the chamber is a fire cup, which contains the wood pellets.

The hopper is a container that houses a supply of wood pellets, and an auger pushes the pellets from the hopper into the fire cup. The auger automatically dispenses pellets into the fire cup when it runs low on fuel.

The food sits on grates in the cooking chamber on top of the fire cup. The smoker heats the meat with circulating air, known as convection heat. Fans at the bottom of the smoker suck air into the cooking chamber, providing sufficient oxygen for the pellets to burn. The fans operate according to the smoker’s temperature setting, which, in turn, affects the rate at which the pellets burn and supply heat.

Are Pellet Smokers Worth It

Pellet smokers are generally expensive in comparison with other types of outdoor cooking appliances. However, these smokers combine several cooking methods, and the right model can provide excellent value for money.

A pellet smoker is a viable alternative to a charcoal grill or other outdoor cooking appliances as they are generally easy to use and allow for optimal temperature control within the cooking chamber.

Pellet smokers are also versatile, and you can use them for cooking a wide range of dishes. Because these smokers transfer heat by convection, they make cooking foods evenly easy. Another advantage of this cooking method is that the food retains more nutrients and flavor.

As a unique cooking method with benefits that cannot be obtained any other way, a new pellet smoker is worth considering if you are looking to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Here are more tips for smoking meat at home.

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