Six Backyard Improvements For Outdoor Entertaining

August 23, 2022

Are you set on staying home this year and skipping your family vacation? That is a very responsible decision, but not a super fun one. Luckily, you can bring the vacation to you if you just do a few backyard improvements that will allow you to keep your family and close friends entertained all through the summer. Need some outdoor living entertaining ideas? Here are some projects you can invest in this year.

Boost your seating

Relaxation is the first part of good entertaining — you cannot have fun if you are not comfortable. So if your outdoor seating is not what it used to be, you can grab a few tools and some paint, and give your furniture a new life. If there is no saving your old seating, check out Ikea or similar stores and treat yourself to new furniture. If you are planning to entertain your entire family, you can also buy a few outdoor blankets and pillows so you can have a chill sit-down — chairs can be so passé.

Protect from the elements

Summer and fall weather can be capricious so do not let a shower or a gust of cold wind ruin your outdoor party. Equip your backyard with shade sails — these are great for sun and rain protection, and they are easy to install. You can also create a small wind enclosure that will prevent the wind from ruining your hair or messing up your alfresco meal. You can also put a ceiling drainage system under your deck to keep your outdoor living space furniture dry and clean when it rains.

Invest in some entertainment

There is no party without entertainment, so make sure to provide your outdoor space with a screen and a good soundbar. You can get your hands on various outdoor entertainment experiences that can provide you with amazing images and sound yet can endure the elements. An outdoor screen with a matching soundbar will be perfect for movie nights, video game tournaments, watching sports, or just enjoying some music while you chat with your family and friends. You can mount your outdoor TV on the wall or get a small stand so you can maneuver it around, the decision is yours, just know that you have various options.

Create an outdoor kitchen

If your parties focus on good food, you need to create an outdoor kitchen that will allow you to experiment with cooking styles and recipes. And do not think you need to go all-in with your outdoor kitchen! All you need is a good grill, some space for food prep, and maybe a cold storage space like a small fridge. This will ensure you have everything you need at hand’s reach and you can really enjoy the meal preparation process without having to go in and out of the house to fetch things. If you want to impress your guests, opt for a large grill with a smoker, separate fireboxes, and a side burner. These bad boys can handle even the hungriest of families.

However, if you also want to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level, you can install an outdoor BBQ grill island. It offers a great outdoor entertaining setting while you and your family enjoy delicious grilled food. It is one of the best upgrades a homeowner can make.

Build a private backyard bar

Have a shed you do not really use? Well, it is time to put it to work by transforming it into a private backyard pub. All you need is to open up your shed, add a bar to it, throw in some high chairs, and supply your pub with cold drinks. These tiny bars are great if you just want to relax, enjoy some cold beer and fresh air, but they are truly irreplaceable when it comes to outdoor entertaining. If you have the tools and aren’t afraid to use them, this might be just the right outdoor improvement project.

Improve lighting and privacy

A good party does not just stop because it got dark outside. Make sure to light up your backyard and improve the atmosphere and safety in your space. Fairy lights and lanterns are always a good solution since they are practical to install and they require very little power. If you want to feel completely comfortable in your yard, you might also want to work on your privacy. Prying eyes and annoying traffic sounds can ruin your good vibes, so improve your fence or even start growing a living wall that will absorb sounds and boost your privacy. If you have a pool or an outdoor spa, you simply need to invest in privacy. See this company for good fence design that you can build in your backyard.

Who knows when we will be able to travel normally again, so adding a few improvements to your backyard is a great idea that will make your outdoor events legendary and your staycations a little more bearable.


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