Five Reasons Why Shopaholics Love Jewel Changi Airport

August 23, 2022

From the gleaming shopping malls that line the famed Orchard Road to neighbourhood department stores that offer sweet deals, Singapore is a shopper’s paradise. Singaporean malls are among the biggest and most well-outfitted that the region has to offer, selling everything from electronics to designer clothes and accessories to painstakingly made local handicrafts.

Even among Singapore’s plethora of world-class shopping malls, Jewel Changi Airport stands out with ease. This elaborate mixed-use complex located in between Changi Airport’s first three terminals is a well-beloved shopping destination for shopaholics both from the Lion City and abroad. If you are traveling to Singapore in the near future, you will definitely want to make the most of Changi shopping by paying a visit to Jewel. Here is why:

Wide selection of local and international retailers

As previously mentioned, Jewel’s impressive array of shopping and dining establishments is one of the major reasons that both locals and foreign travellers love to visit the complex. With over 400 stores and 140 cafes and restaurants for visitors to choose from, it is entirely possible to spend a whole day exploring Jewel and not run out of places to browse. The mall’s brand selection is also refreshingly diverse, with high-end shops and fashion houses coexisting side by side with more popular stores. 

You are sure to find something at Jewel for you no matter your interests, personality, or price range. Whether you are looking for gadgets, cosmetics, apparel, or even daily essentials like toiletries, Jewel is sure to have something for every visitor.

Exclusive fashion boutiques

Fashionistas will not want to give Jewel a miss, as it plays host to a number of first-in-Singapore fashion boutiques that you will not be able to find anywhere else on the island. From fine jewellery to gym and beach wear to ethically produced fashion, these stores are perfect for style-savvy shoppers looking to spice up their wardrobes. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the clothes and accessories you will find at Jewel’s boutiques could well be your ticket to standing out from the crowd.

Opportunities to make abundant savings

Airport stores typically sell their goods duty-free, tax-free, or with some form of tax relief for the convenience of the travellers taking these goods out of Singapore. However, at Jewel, it is not just foreign visitors who can enjoy the privileges of duty-free shopping. All visitors to the airport, both foreign and local, can enjoy 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) savings on all purchases made from Changi’s public shopping areas. This rate even doubles on certain special weekends, offering shoppers even more chances to save.

Due to GST relief, goods sold at Jewel can be significantly cheaper than those you can purchase in the city. What is more, chain stores within the Jewel Changi Airport complex are not allowed to price their goods higher than they do at downtown stores. This rule may allow you to save especially significant amounts on expensive items like jewellery or high-end electronic devices. Certain retail outlets, such as those that sell skincare and beauty products, also offer additional discounts of as high as 40% on their merchandise.

Copious entertainment options and free services

Beyond simply being places where people go to buy whatever they desire, many of Singapore’s malls also offer one-of-a-kind experiences, and Jewel Changi Airport is no exception. Lush indoor gardens, cosy cafes and restaurants, and copious entertainment attractions give shoppers plenty to do and see in the rare event that they actually grow tired of hitting the stores.

Whatever form of entertainment you crave beyond shopping, you can be sure that Jewel has it all for you. You might choose to explore the Canopy Park, hit the cinema, or simply sit and admire the world’s tallest indoor waterfall located at the complex’s centre. You might even treat yourself to the various complimentary services available throughout the complex, such as free massages, makeovers, and even whiskey tastings.

Ready opportunities to rest at YOTELAIR

Jewel is a huge 10-storey complex that demands hours of time and energy to explore. If you are traveling with young children, or if you simply want an easy place to kick back, relax, and maybe park your shopping bags, YOTELAIR provides the perfect solution. YOTELAIR’s “cabins” are inspired by the designs of luxury first-class aeroplanes and come equipped with all the amenities necessary to keep you and your loved ones fresh and rested. Book an inexpensive 4-hour stay so that you and your little ones can nap the fatigue away and hit the shops again afterwards with renewed vigour.

Thanks to the generous deals as well as the plethora of retailers and services offered at Jewel, airport shopping is no longer an activity only wealthy jet-setters can indulge in. Now, shoppers from all corners of the world and all walks of life are more than welcome to partake of Jewel’s many delights, so do not miss it. 

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