Four Steps to a Beautiful Hallway

June 18, 2020

A hallway is central to any home and often offers insight into the personality and décor style of the homeowner. If you find you have a pokey little hallway or even a large and imposing one that is hard to decorate here are four easy steps to a beautiful hall:

  1. Lighten Up:  A common issue for many homes, especially those that are row houses, I that natural light is not available. A good way to bring natural light into your hallway is to have a new front door installed with a lovely window. There are many styles that will let the light shine in while still providing privacy. If space allows you can also consider adding side panel windows at the door or a lovely transom window above the doorway. Each of these options will allow you to have a more spacious and airy feel when the sunlight streams in to the hall. You can also hang a mirror at the front of the house to capture and reflect any natural light your home does have. As well add an enchanting chandelier to add sparkle and light in the evening.
  2. Flooring: The flooring in your hallway plays a major role in the look and design as well as the illusion of space. For example if you have carpet on the stairs, tile in the entry and wood in the hall it makes for a very disconnected look that can make an area look smaller. If you have a very dark wood floor and dark stairs it will seem very claustrophobic. A good rule of thumb is to match your stairs and hallway flooring for a more cohesive look that will be easier on the eyes and present a neater and more open look. Consider adding matching runners up the stairs and along the hallway in a stripe to elongate everything. You can also consider using bamboo flooring in the hall in a pretty pattern as this will be easier care in the winter and rainy months. Just keep them in the same tone as your stairs.
  3. Furniture and Storage: Not all hallways have the space for furniture or storage but it is a good idea to see if there is a way to add a little something to help define the space. Some good ideas are adding trunks that can do double duty as storage, a small table with a mirror above to toss your keys and the mail when you arrive home and to check your reflection when you are going out or a traditional hallway stand with hooks and a mirror for hanging coats, scarves and hats. Any of these items add a welcoming feel while keeping things a little tidier. A small table with a lamp and mirror or even just a chair to sit and tie your shoes can also work well.
  4. Colour Scheme: Avoid dark colours in your hallway as this will make the whole space look dreary. Instead look for welcoming colours such as neutrals, warmer whites, light yellows and blues. Consider the era of your home and if you want a more dramatic entry look for a traditional red to enhance the look of your period home.

These four steps will provide you with a more stylish, welcoming hallway.

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