Taking care of your mental health during the pandemic by Adam K Veron

June 26, 2020

Many people are reporting mental health issues due to an extended period of lockdowns and social distancing. On top of it, the uncertainty about the future and rising unemployment rates give them stress and anxiety. The grim situation can have a similar impact on you or your loved ones. During this time, it is essential to pay attention to mental wellbeing more than ever. There are ways to cope with this scenario. If you or your family don’t want to suffer added trouble, it makes sense to adopt and practice them as a habit. Here are some critical tips for you.

Adam K Veron: Things to implement for your mental wellbeing

Be compassionate to yourself and others

Everyone is having a tough time handling this pandemic because of its severity and uniqueness. There are no clear guidelines also to go about in such a scenario. You have to act as you move. It can certainly feel confusing, perturbing, worrisome, and heavy. You don’t have to feel bad about having such emotions. These are pretty normal. Let these feelings occur and be patient. You don’t have to compel yourself towards positive thinking when the reality tells a different story. So, just let your emotions be as is. Don’t try to control or maneuver them.

Look for an outlet to express yourself

Experts like Adam K Veron believe that acknowledging and venting your feelings can help. You can choose a medium to let out whatever is happening inside you. Write your emotions in a journal or letter; seek a friend who would listen to you; meditate and exercise. If these things don’t work out, you may have to reach out to a mental health consultant. At the same time, imagine how you have handled a dear one facing the same issue as you and apply it to yourself. 

Be realistic with your expectations

Lockdowns and social distancing may have increased the pressure of daily chores. You have to teach your kids at home, work from home, cook, do laundry, exercise, etc. Managing all this day in and day out can be tiring and exhausting. And if you try to be perfect with everything, you can burden your mind and body more. Avoid taking this approach. Prioritize urgent things and miss what can wait. If online classes are happening, you can pay attention to parenting. Besides, keep some time to yourself also. There can be delays in doing certain things from your end, or a few things may never get done. But it should be all okay.

Follow a routine

It is tempting to sleep extra on some days. But you need to make sure that you don’t go for a nap until it is noon. Keeping up with a daily schedule, just like the old days, is critical. However, you can adjust a few things here and there based on what suits you. Designate a time for everything, so you don’t struggle the entire day. Have a fixed time for meals, office work, family activities, and bedtime.

These can sound simple, but if you achieve even a few of them, you are a winner. Take care of your mind so that your body can take care of you in this crisis.


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