Are online press release distribution services really cost-effective?

July 7, 2020

The question stated above might seem confusing to you right now, but it will make sense once you start following my arguments. 

Previously, I have witnessed people work with big corporates who owned the budget to devote lavishly to the marketing of their content. At the very beginning, I usually discuss the stratagem they opted for in their past work. My mind always visits the SEO techniques as I prefer an ordinary search. However, what my mind still fails to comprehend is how people end up spending fortunes on releasing their stories and updates through press release distribution services for the only aim of numerous companies backlinking their website. 

I think people put both their time and money to waste by subscribing to a press release distribution service. It does not even fulfill the one purpose of link building.

Upon browsing through research to back up my thoughts, I found out that according to one display of facts and figures, about 40% of the respondents put around £2000 – £3000 towards a news release! How can one have this many things to send out as press releases? Upon questioning the spending, I received almost the same answer every time. The answer was that the company owners etc. held that this was an excellent way of building their link.

What makes this an awful choice?

For legitimacy is building your link, three conditions must be fulfilled. 

  1. Unasked backlinks
  2. Focused at getting links from a distinct channel.
  3. Add in social signs.

Are you sure it’s following a natural linking arrangement?

Have you produced relevant and empathetic content that people agree with and think your content is worthy enough to be shared on their blog or a social media outlet? Or are you copy-pasting the same thing to every channel and assuming that it’s natural? I’m sure you can answer these and figure them out by yourself.

Is the domain the same every time?

Initially, you are most likely to receive links from unique domains. Using more than one press release distribution service can also work to your favor in this context. However, after some time, you are likely to receive cheap links from a few domains every time.

Consolidating social signs?

The primary way this could create social signs is if somebody really read these discharges and alluded back to your site through a social media site.

Therefore, only official statements are not a decent external link establishment technique.

Wait, there are some for points too

I understand I have written a lot of cons about press releases. However, before you start coming at me, I will list a few good things about them myself.

Link Bait

Such a large number of individuals think that link baits are utterly astounding, as no other time saw such a superbly marvelous substance. There is, however, a slight misrepresentation here. Connection snare as I would like to think has more to do with the site distributing the content than the genuine substance itself. Some of the time, truly normal substances can gather vast amounts of connections based solely because the site distributing it has some extent of power.

Guest Posting 

Indeed, it’s old news, yet an extremely significant part of connection methodology; you should continually be assembling a rundown of sites you can compose for at whatever point you need to push another bit of substance/interface trap. Be proactive in contacting pertinent bloggers. Feed them certifiable substance, not only a reworked article. You have to make sure that when your story goes live, you have many companions who will cover it and provide a connection back to your site just as the distribution.

Share it on Social Media.

Lastly, it would be best if you never forgot to provide links to your content on social media. Your pals would be happier to share your work on their social platforms. This works as a bonus to your press release.

Having money is not the only important thing here. You need to think with a clear head about how you should utilize your resources, then only will it work to your favor. 

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