Can Changing Bottles Help With Reflux?

October 13, 2022

Baby reflux is one of the most challenging problems parents will have to face. Reflux requires you to feed your baby far differently from how you would normally do it – but it will take some time. But, can changing bottles help with reflux? Let’s find out in this guide.

Reflux happens when air bubbles get trapped inside the milk formula, thereby causing spit-up for your baby. Aside from that, babies cannot control the nipple flow if feeding from a bottle versus breastfeeding, which is another deciding factor for reflux. 

Therefore, it makes sense to go with bottles that are suitable for babies who have reflux more often. They are designed differently than regular bottles so that they mimic the breastfeeding experience more similarly.

Considering a baby bottle for reflux

There are baby bottles out there that are specifically designed for your baby’s reflux. Here’s what you should look for in choosing baby bottles that help with reflux:

Choose baby bottles with special vents

Their design typically includes a vent system so that the milk formula will somehow become free from bubbles. Air bubbles are the common cause of babies getting reflux because they are getting more gas from their drinks. The vent system will help your baby to drink from the bottle at a comfortable pace.

Consider the right nipple flow

The nipple flow is a deciding factor when it comes to reflux. Generally, a slow-flow nipple for a baby bottle is more advised for such because it will reduce the risk of your baby being fed too much and unintentionally swallowing air bubbles.

However, it is also important that the flow won’t be too slow in a way that it is taking your child too much effort to suck out milk from the bottle. This situation also creates reflux.

The best way is to observe how fast your baby feeds from the bottle. Quicker-finishing little ones should have a slow-flow nipple while those that feed slower are suitable for fast-flow types.

Ensure a comfortable nipple shape

Fortunately, most baby bottle nipples in the market are starting to be shaped similarly to that of a mother’s nipple. This will help your baby to latch onto it better than standard nipple designs. 

When your baby latches onto the nipple in the right way, there is less risk for air bubbles and reflux won’t happen anytime soon.


As a whole, by getting a baby bottle for reflux for your little one, you are reducing their chances of getting spit-up, resulting in less stress and more quality feeding time. We hope this guide on baby bottles and reflux helped you out!

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