A Patient’s Guide To Botox

January 22, 2021

The first time you get Botox, it is going to be a little shocking. And for a bunch of reasons. First, you re going to feel that buyer’s remorse that comes with any milestone purchase. Then you are going to get nervous about the procedure and the needles, After that there is weighing your options as to what excuse to make. 

But many people are lucky to not have to go through this ordeal. They have friends to come along and comfort them. Maybe they are acquainted with their practitioner and completely trust them. If you are starting from a completely clean slate, yes, a Botox treatment may be a bit scary at first.

Naturally, trying out anything new on your own is going to be scary one way or another. Unless you go prepared. When you know what to expect, you are prepared for what’s to happen at the clinic, as well as after the treatment. This will mean an overall positive experience with Botox and any other cosmetic treatment.

And none of this information would be available to you or us, if it was not for the fine doctors and staff at Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa. They have been informing their own patients the same exact way, to ensure that no one is left in the dark and everyone can make an appointment for Botox in full confidence.

These are the kinds of sentiments that make the beauty industry such a wholesome community:

Before The Treatment

First and foremost, and I cannot stress this enough: consult your medical professional. This is more important than any other preparatory step you have to take. Botox is widely known as one of the safest cosmetic treatments around.

A Compound Everyone Trusts

You may have heard that the compound is dangerous, which it is, but the way it is used is completely safe. In the hands of an experienced practitioner, the risks are few to none. Regardless of how safe the procedure and the methodology behind it is, however, our bodies are unique.

Anything from medicine to food and physical activity impacts us differently. And while Botox is a very safe procedure, you never know whether or not your body will accept it. The best way to find out is to visit your medical professional. Botox clinics in Singapore also offer a proper consultation, though not all of them do. Try to find one that does, as it really says a lot about their work ethic.

Forget The Alcohol (Just For A Day Or Two)

Before the procedure itself, you need to avoid alcohol. This is another major step you have to take. Do not get treated with Botox if you havve consumed alcohol in the last 24 hours. It could mess with the procedure and leave bruises on your skin from the injections. 

The smaller requests that Botox practitioners make is to avoid putting your skin under too much stress, especially the areas that will be treated. This means not putting on too much makeup or using anti-aging skin care products. If you do this, there is a possibility it could interfere with the procedure and somehow botch the results. This rarely happens, so it is hard to say exactly what would happen, but the point is: do not do it.

Give your skin enough time to relax, so that when you go to the clinic for the procedure, it is strong and ready to take on anything. Not only that, but the results will look even better if your skin is in great condition before, during, and after the treatment.

Recovery And Aftercare

Which brings us to the opposite side of the Botox timeline: the recovery. This is when you get treated with Botox and now have to give yourself a short vacation from all the commotion you normally have to deal with. Keep in mind, that you can return to your daily routine pretty much right after the procedure.

But this is not recommended. In fact, you should make sure that your face stays upright as much as possible throughout the first day. This does not mean sleeping in an upright position, but rather avoiding unnecessary movements. This also includes going to the gym for the first day. The last thing you want to do is put stress on your face when it just went through a muscle numbing procedure.

Avoid Alcohol Again (For Two Days This Time)

Much like before the treatment, avoid drinking alcohol for at least two days afterwards. And like we mentioned in the “before the treatment” section, stay clear of other anti-aging skin care products, cosmetic treatments, and pretty much anything else that could jeopardize the sturdiness of your face and skin.  

When outside, make sure that your face is not exposed to extreme temperatures, whether it be hot or cold, and especially the Sun. Normally, it is a great source of vitamin D, but not when your face has Botox under its skin. 

There are also some side effects, though very few and they last a very short amount of time. Some patients have even reported not feeling anything at all after the procedure. But the ones that did, claimed they felt swelling, light bruising, as well as a small headache on the same day of the injection.

A Swift And Easy Recovery

While these may seem like a bit annoying at first, they do go away pretty swiftly on their own, even if you do not bother taking care of them. As long as you do not strain your face or skin, the side effects will disappear without needing any extra effort from you.

So, when I said take a little vacation, I somewhat meant it. You will not have to lay still like a mummy, but there are still certain things worth avoiding. This does not necessarily mean cutting yourself off from your work and studies, but rather take things a little easier. Avoid putting too much pressure on your body and especially your face or skin. Do what you have to, but make it quick and clean.

This will ensure that you see the best results and after a week, you will be greeted with a brand new face when you look in the mirror. Get the absolute best out of your Botox treatment.

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  1. Alice Carroll

    Thanks for the tip that I should first get a consultation with a medical expert before getting a Botox treatment. I might consider getting one soon because there are fine lines starting to form on my forehead. I’m not so sure though it’s better to get this done while I’m still quite young.


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