When To Call A Plumber: Five Warning Signs Of Plumbing Leaks

July 16, 2020

Leaky pipes may seem a minor plumbing issue, but it can cause major and costly problems in your house. If not detected immediately, a simple leak can lead to poor water quality, mould growth, stained and warped walls, and flooding. Repairing these damages would potentially cost you a fortune. 

While some leaks are easily seen, others are well-hidden and continue to wreak havoc and cause structural damage in your home. What makes hidden leaks far more dangerous is that it can cost a household hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. It is better to ask experts like A Alert Drain for plumbing and sewage concerns.

  • Outrageous Increase in Water Bill – Although, it is normal to experience a surge in your water bill, especially during hot summer months, a sudden and unexplainable increase could mean you have a leak somewhere in your home. Gather your previous water bills and compare them to the current bills from the same months last year to see if the change is not due to the seasonal change. 
  • Continuous Ticking of the Water Metre – One of the most effective ways to detect if you have a hidden leak is to check the water metre. If the metre continues to run even without using water in or outside your home, then it is a red flag that you have a plumbing leak problem. 
  • Mould and Mildew Growth – A leaky pipe can create a dark, thriving, and moist environment for mould and mildew. Watch out for any damp spots on the floor, walls, and/or ceilings, you definitely have a leaking pipe. Also, if you notice any musty odour, it could mean there is an accumulation of old water nearby. 
  • Foundation Cracks – It is normal to see cracks in older houses. However, the sudden formation of foundation cracks in various places could mean you have a leak somewhere in your home. The water leaking from the pipes can seep into the structural components of your home. This eventually weakens the foundation, which causes cracks to appear in different areas, such as the foundation and walls.
  • Bugs and Insects – A plumbing leak not only wastes water and costs hundreds or thousands in your water bill — it also attracts nasty bugs into your home. Dripping water in an enclosed space can create a paradise for pests. If the leak goes undetected for some time, your home can become a haven for bugs and insects. Dampness, presence of mould, and water leaks can potentially change the entire ecosystem of your home. Also, these pests can invade your cabinets and cupboards and contaminate your food supply. 

Calling A Plumber

If you suspect a plumbing leak somewhere in your house, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional plumber in your local area to fix your problem and repair water damage. There are various plumbers, like Plumbing Authority Inc., that you can rely on to keep your home dry and clean all year round. As soon as the plumbing leak is detected and fixed, you do not have to worry about the unpleasant musty smell, unsightly water stains, structural damage, crawling bugs, and mould growth. 

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