Can I Walk My Dog Amid COVID-19?

July 16, 2020

Although, social distancing has altered the way we live, there are still a few things we can do to bring a bit of normalcy back to our routines, including walking our furry friends. The best news? It is totally safe to walk your dog during COVID-19, as long as it is done cautiously, that is. Read on for tips on how to walk your dog while staying safe during COVID-19:

Is It Safe To Walk My Dog? 

There is no evidence that pets can spread coronavirus to humans, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does recommend that cats and dogs follow social distancing guidelines

Dog owners who are healthy and not self-isolating can take their furry companions out for walks. You should always respect social distancing measures whenever you are outside by maintaining a six-foot distance with people outside of your household. If you become sick and need to self-isolate, someone else will need to take care of your dog. 

Small and medium-sized dogs can stay healthy with some play time in the garden or backyard instead of a daily walk. A big dog may need a dog walker, but you will need to exercise caution about who you interact with. 

Practice Social Distancing With Your Dog

You should practice social distancing with your dog whenever you go for a walk. Do not let your dog off-leash and allow them to interact with other dogs. Walking your dog on a leash gives you better control of your dog’s safe distance from other humans and animals. Even though your dog will not spread coronavirus to you, coming into close contact with another pet owner who has the virus could put you at risk. 

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Practice Good Pet Hygiene

You do not have to worry about putting protective gear such as face masks or paw coverings on your dog when going outside. You do need to practice good pet hygiene, because all animals can carry germs that cause humans to get sick. Every time you come home from a walk, use gentle baby shampoo and water to wash your dog’s paws for at least 20 seconds. How often you give your dog a bath depends on their coat, but you should give your furry friend a bath at least once a month. 

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Be Cautious Around Other People’s Pets

Even though you keep up with your pet’s hygiene, it is still important to wash your hands before and after touching your dog, their food, toys, and avoid them licking you. The same goes with being around other people’s pets. Avoid touching other dogs and potential exposure to germs, and don’t let your dog interact with other dogs. It’s also important to avoid touching dog toys and accidentally touching your face or mouth. 

Think of your dog as a member of your family and practice the same social distancing measures and health precautions with your dog as you do for yourself. 

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