5 Best Places For Waterfall Rappelling In India

July 18, 2020

India has got almost everything starting from hot Great Indian desert to the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, mineral-rich rich  Western Ghats, and the fertile  Plains of Gange’s point some of the most beautiful beaches of the world last rivers, lakes, and mini other scenic beauties. Waterfalls are another gift and India has a good number of waterfalls. Nohkalikai fall which is located in the Indian state of Meghalaya is known to be the highest waterfall in India font apart from this, there are various other big, beautiful, and equally dangerous waterfalls and the country. The waterfall has various uses point hydroelectricity is one of the major use of rapid water currents coming down of these waterfalls.

Nowadays, adventure sports also becoming popular amount people, and thus, these waterfalls will also creating opportunities for the tourism sector and all adventure lovers to explore a variety of was port sorts waterfall rappelling is one such sport which is now becoming popular. Rappelling is famous sport but waterfall rappelling is an extended version of this where triple user rope to slide down through the rushing water of the waterfall and it is really thrilling if you are also one of such persons who want to try out this then and this article, we are going to tell you she of the best places in India where you can enjoy this.

Kondana waterfall

Visit Londondana Caves and then doing waterfall rappelling Londondana waterfall can be your best holiday plan. Kondana caves are located in the Indian state of Maharashtra and the waterfall is situated nearby to it. The place is full of greenery, and exploring the ancient cave is a lifetime experience and if after all this, you also enjoy replying then nothing can be better than this.

Neer Gaddu Waterfall

Rishikesh is also how of adventure sports especially water sports. Apart from river rafting, trekking, and other adventure sports, waterfall replying is also very famous here. Need to add waterfall which is situated hair is one of the best places in India to enjoy waterfall rappelling with the height of around 200 feet.

Jogini waterfall

This is located in the famous hill station of Manali. Tracking has to be done to reach this waterfall and while trekking you can enjoy the beautiful view of Rohtang Pass and the Beas river. The waterfall areas around 200 feet and you will not regret going for replying.

Ashoka waterfalls

It is located and Maharashtra and with a height of 120 feet serve as one of the best water for airplane spots. It is also popularly known Vihigaon waterfall.

Kundalika waterfall

It is also famous for water sports like river rafting and waterfall rappelling. It is located in Maharashtra and is full of natural beauty. What’s the height of around 150 feet, it is one of the highest waterfalls in India.



It is not always that you have to visit the highest waterfall in India to get the best experience. You can start with  smaller experiences. You should always try any such type of  activities under experts supervision and must take

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