How to Create the Lash Set of Your Dreams Using the Best Eyelash Extension Glue in The Industry

October 18, 2021
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Whether you are here because you are about to start eyelash extension training, or simply want some tips on how to make your lashes look extra special. We’re going to share with you the method that has given us 100% success in the salons. And if done correctly it will give excellent results every single time using the best eyelash extension glue.

What is eyelash extension glue?

Eyelash Extension Glue is a type of glue that is specifically designed to be worn on the skin directly next to your lashes. It helps bond the lash extension to your natural lashes, so they stay on longer.

Use individual lashes

To create a pretty, flirtatious look use individual lashes on both the top and bottom lashes. The great thing about creating a lash set like this is that it will last for up to 8 weeks without loosing its curl or becoming droopy.

Choose the correct length

The first step to having the lashes of your dreams is choosing the correct length of lash. A common mistake is to use lashes that are far too long for the natural shape of your eyes, resulting in pretty but not very natural looking. Choose lashes that are between 70-80% of natural lash length. If you have no idea how to do this, consider lash extension supplies of your choice. This is an excellent way to avoid making mistakes before spending lots of money on lash extensions supplies.

Choose strong lashes adhesive

The next step is to choose the best lash adhesive. I prefer DUO lash glue, which can be purchased from lash extension supplies companies. As you will have noticed that the market has a wide range of eyelash glue to choose from, but not all are created equally! Choose a strong one for your lashes depending on how long you want them to last.

Lash extension glue color

In most cases, the lash extension color vary from clear to black.  Since most companies recommend to start with a clear lash adhesive, I would advise you to do the same. This way if your natural lashes turn orange, you will not experience the same problem when using a black glue.

Drying time

The lash extension glue drying time can vary depending on different factors.  This is why it is crucial that you choose a strong and fast drying glue. If the drying time is too long then your lashes will not last as long as they should since you will be forced to wait for ages before proceeding with the other steps.

How to apply eyelash extensions using the strongest lash adhesive in the industry?

1: Gently remove any makeup from the lash line.

2: Place the lash on the natural lash line making sure there is at least a 5mm gap between them.

3: Hold for 10 seconds while the glue dries.

4: Repeat this process until you reach end of your lashes.

5: At this point, apply mascara to blend in with your natural lashes.

6: To finish off, apply an eyelash curler and then use individual lashes to add extra length and fullness.

How long should they last?

A set of good quality eyelash extensions which are applied by a well-trained therapist using a high quality lash adhesive can last up to 8 weeks.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary according to geographic location, type of lash adhesive used etc. For example, the price for a set in South Africa using DUO lash glue will be around USD$150-200 (R1500-R2000). In USA, it can cost up to USD$200-300 and in the UK it can cost up to GBP£130-175.

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