The scope of big data and Hadoop in recent times

April 2, 2020

Today, given the big data trends, experts have noted ample scope with Hadoop! As an open-source distributed computing tool, it includes several other server hubs for crunching multiple data stores. Additionally, big data generate sufficient buzz because of the qualitative and quantitative process for collating know-how from vast data stores. 

Hence, Hadoop and Big Data have their journeys to unfold! Regardless of the association, these two technologies are witnessing an agile development and remain connected. Also, Big Data and Hadoop share some concern areas, which are new and getting tested by new-age innovations. To know more about this, you can check out

The role of Big Data in Hadoop development

Big data has been present for a while now! It got called business intelligence, and many companies are taking initiatives to explore its capabilities. The conceivable systems, as well as the programming solutions, leave a few clients and companies baffled. Sometimes, there’s backfire owing to the big data publicity.

At times, companies find it challenging and confusing to define big data! For the most part, it gets characterized as a process of mining essential insights from vast data sets. And its expanse and scope include geospatial analytics, machine learning as well as a broad range of insight use cases.

Sometime back, prominent names associated with Hadoop time, stated that they would join hands. Such declarations always seem like a joining hand of equal forces. It means that leading brands would undertake ambitious projects that otherwise wasn’t possible. Previously, they were involved in sorting the business and IT issues. Also, the business masters apprehend the capacity of these advanced technologies for conveying brand new services that get triggered by data.

It got propelled by business houses who wanted to opt-in for data-driven choices. It means that they would work towards assessing data that they collate and use the same to make informed decisions.

Things the new development suggest

The latest change or development shows that big data is getting used as data! Every company, irrespective of its size, today is willing to welcome an unmatched percentage of quality data than they did before. Today, they use more advanced solutions for creating tools and services, making use of the data. It is essential because companies use multiple kinds of data so that they can select the apt technology depending on their requirements. For instance, today, you can opt-in for multiple open-source choices along with limited machine learning options. It is here that people and companies contemplate on using Hadoop.

Making use of real-time information, it is possible to offer advanced applications and services that can help to set-up a new business type which ensures better customer value. Making use of data, machine learning algorithms can allow companies to develop innovative solutions. For instance, popular brands can come up with hyper-customized retail solutions or experiences. And such solutions got the necessary boost from research conducted by CB Insights. The study highlights that in a company earning calls, reduced number of officials were making use of the big data expression for AI.

Using Hadoop in Cloud

However, when it comes to the on-premise Hadoop platforms, i.e., Hadoop-as-a-Service, you will find a growing prominence. Today, several versions of Hadoop-as-a-Service get built-in multiple public cloud platforms, such as Google Cloud. 

That is not all! You also have the chance to develop and run Hadoop in a private cloud environment. For this, it is essential to configure the virtual servers. However, it is necessary to have a clear idea about what you intend to do. It is required to work correctly around any challenges that you might face, for instance, breaking the Hadoop redundancy and by operating various virtual servers on one physical host. Alternatively, you could also adopt a turnkey private Hadoop cloud option.

Reasons to run Hadoop on cloud

Experts will provide you with ample ideas to operate Hadoop on the cloud. The crucial reasons are:

  • You don’t need to work on maintaining Hadoop-as-a-Service.
  • If you’ve decided to make use of Hadoop-as-a-Service or a turnkey solution, you wouldn’t need much set-up as well.
  • Do you lack an on-premise computing capacity for hosting the Hadoop cluster? Is it more than your requirements? If yes, then running Hadoop on the cloud will help you to get all you want. And for this, you don’t need to buy any additional hardware as well.
  • Also, have you saved the assessed information on the cloud? If yes, then operating Hadoop in a similar cloud platform reduces the requirement for big data transfers, via network as you ingest the information in Hadoop.
  • Using Hadoop on the cloud will only make you pay for the time you’ve used the platform. It is way better than maintaining the local Hadoop servers, where you probably have to pay more, even when you have used them for a short while.

Irrespective of all the changes and developments, Hadoop to date is a source of innovation! Today, several brands are working to come up with high-end solutions and services. For instance, in the future, there might be ongoing big data cloud offerings and assistance for critical and complex organizations. However, as the technological advancements keep happening, several companies will look past the Hadoop improvements. It will be an exciting space to watch in the forthcoming years. Irrespective of the way you outline it, big data is what will make a company distinctive that the other.

There will be companies that can harness focused perspectives from the big data solutions. And these are companies that will gain a profitable place in the world market. Naturally, the companies who wouldn’t rise to this technology will lag. Furthermore, as Hadoop keeps growing and developing, there’s going to be advanced big data services that can outmatch it for an increased expense for those who need more sophisticated capacity. So, what will be the destiny of Big Data and Hadoop? Inevitably, it will include a vast number of technologies that need to get appropriately coordinated and combined. Once this gets done, Hadoop will keep on benefitting companies as it is known to do.


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