Do You Think that CompTIA Network+ Certification Is Worth Considering?

July 22, 2020

The Network+ certification certainly is one of CompTIA’s key offerings that has been designed and crafted to nurture foundational skills. CompTIA regularly reviews its exams to make sure that they are reflecting the latest industry practices. 

The CompTIA Network + Certification would be covering five domains:

· Infrastructure

· Networking concepts

· Networking tools & Troubleshooting

· Network operations

· Network security

The CompTIA Network+ Certification is known to be a crucial credential for specifically Information Technology professionals. You must realize that a robust career in IT would be involving testing diverse computer security systems, developing software, and providing instructions and operating guides to computer users. Some positions open to successful candidates in the field of Information Technology would include hardware developers, computer repairers, graphic designers, security analysts, and programmers. We understand that there is substantial growth potential in the Information Technology sector. Also, Cyber Computer Protection is a great way to secure your computer from viruses and hackers.

Highlights of CompTIA Network+ Certification 

CompTIA is well-known as a global provider chiefly of vendor-neutral Information Technology certifications like the popular Network+, A+ and also, Security+ certifications. Most of these popular CompTIA certifications are regarded as entry-level certification courses meant for students and even those people who are new to the field of Information Technology. 

As per, CompTIA Network+ Certification courses play a crucial role in effectively building, managing, and even safeguarding the most critical asset namely the data network. As per experts the greatest advantage of taking CompTIA certifications is the fact that they are not related to a particular technology such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, or some other popular vendor-specific certifications. Pursuing these certification courses are a great beginning to a sound IT career. You could easily browse online for CompTIA Network+ reviewto learn more about the certifications. Here is an expert review of CompTIA Network certifications.

Perfect Length

The revised test for CompTIA Network + certifications is supposed to be of perfect length with no time pressure on the candidates. 90 minutes are allotted for 90 questions and the multiple-choice section contains short, as well as, pretty straightforward questions that could be answered in just around 20 seconds or even less. 

Vendor Neutral

The latest version of CompTIA Network + (N10-006) looked like complete vendor-neutral. It was a wise idea to stick to generic concepts of networking in this appraisal and not in any way concentrating on proprietary technologies which would be biasing the test to precise network vendors.

Troubleshooting Is King

A huge focus on the CompTIA Network + Certification exam is troubleshooting. We understand that designing, troubleshooting, establishing, and maintaining a contemporary network are important, however, major challenges are encountered predominantly in troubleshooting.  

Spot-On Objectives

A significant aspect of the approval process is actually enduring a meticulous audit of the text. The precise goals and objective specifically for this latest version are carefully thought-out and very much current especially for the core areas of networking. Click here to know about the best ram for core i9 11900k/

CompTIA Online Study & Assessment 

CompTIA would be offering an effective online prep course for you to evaluate your knowledge for identifying possible gaps. This could help you in knowing precisely where to focus your attention while studying for the certification exam. 

Live Training Sessions

Live and instructor-held training would be available to you in both live online and in-person formats. Thanks to the latest live online training, you could get expert instruction minus the costs or headaches associated with travel.


You need to keep in mind that once you complete the certification, you would require renewing it after every three years via the effective ‘CompTIA continuing education program’. You could achieve the renewal through a combination of educational programs and activities. 

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