Eric Dalius Cautions You against Some of the Greatest Financial Challenges that Small Businesses Need to Overcome

July 22, 2020

Small businesses are constantly battling with countless challenges right from maintaining perfect product relevance to employing personnel. Financial challenges are regarded as the most overwhelming of all challenges faced by small business owners. Corporate expert like Eric Dalius points out that business finance is certainly an intricate and dynamic entity that keeps changing. Your finances are the backbone of your organization. They fuel the smooth running of a business. A healthy financial condition could help your business to win a competitive edge while excessive financial hardships could culminate in the shuttering of the business.

As per Mybeautifuladventures, irrespective of their experience, entrepreneurs face the challenges of keeping the organization profitable, establishing a robust brand, and even adjusting to win a competitive edge or match the existing competition.

As per the stats provided by Business Insider, around 50 percent of all small companies would shut down within the initial five years; around 29 percent generally face a financial crisis while 82 percent suffer hardships relating to cash flow. Let us strike up a discussion on some common financial challenges that small business owners face.

EJ Dalius Highlights the Financial Challenges to Overcome

Sticking Firmly to a Budget

Chalking out a budget is challenging enough but it is far more challenging and intriguing to consider sticking to your budget. Following the budget to the dot is the sure-shot way of achieving success. Budgets are critical to running or managing clean business operations.  You must create a meticulous budget that needs to be evaluated and reviewed routinely to compare the projections versus the actual results. You must closely follow the expenses and make prompt reductions and cuts whenever necessary.

If you wish to stick to a predetermined budget, you need to craft a realistic budget relevant to the profit potential and goals of your business. You may consider using one or more of the numerous free budget templates.

Having Easy Access to Funding

As per Visual Capitalist, around 29 percent of small businesses do not succeed since they suffer from a gross shortfall of capital. Having easy access to a perfect and fruitful funding solution is of pivotal importance in terms of business growth. However, several small businesses are unable to cater to the minimum requirements necessary for being eligible for financing. Often looking for alternative lenders could imply having to pay relatively higher interest rates that push them even deeper into financial problems.

Keeping Up with Regular Debt Repayment

Since numerous business owners are lacking in substantial or adequate capital for launching their businesses, they often opt for alternative financing solutions or even conventional loan options. However, they would be just initiating their business operations; it is difficult to predict how well their products would be received in the market. Even though the organization has a lot of potentials, in the event, sales are slow initially, the entrepreneur would be having a tough time in repaying the debts on time. Eric J Dalius says that the business owner would start defaulting while his business is battling for gaining some stability and sustainability. 


Even though it is quite depressing to see small businesses falter, entrepreneurs must stay optimistic. Identifying the common hardships or challenges faced by most small businesses or startups could prove to be a positive step towards getting ready to tackle these challenges judiciously and steering clear of the debt traps and avoiding money mismanagement.


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