Dashing in a Kilt: Men’s Fashion Beyond Conventions

January 31, 2024

Each place has their specifications. With varying cultures, the dress code also varies. And the important thing is that people have a strong attachment to their cultural dress. Similarly, if we talk about Scotland, so immediately the kilts men’s fashion comes to mind. The Scottish Highlands are the birthplace of the kilt, a knee-length skirt worn by men and boys. The kilts can be of different kinds like the kilts in leather, denim, cotton etc. In this blog, we will explore the history of kilts and also how these modern kilts are the best choice to look dashing. 

History of the Scottish Kilts Men’s Fashion

  1. What Is Scottish Kilt?

The Scottish kilt is a striking, unique garment that is worn around the lower body. It is typically tied from the hip to the middle of the knee, starting at the left hip and circling back and forth to the opposite side.

  1. When Scottish People Started Wearing It?

Since the sixteenth century, Scottish people have been donning kilts. Although it was known as the great kilt or filomister in Scottish Gaelic, pronounced fey ley Moore, the kilt was first worn in the sixteenth century. Regardless of the weather, clans were kept warm in the icy highlands by wearing the top half of the magnificent kilt over their shoulders and descending to their knees.   

  1. How It Became Famous?

You would think the kilts men’s fashion would be welcomed in Scotland, given its northern location, but that was only sometimes the case. In the Great Glen, on the northern border of Lok Loki, Clan Macdonald and Clan Fraser engaged in combat in 1544. The wools and dyes were made from locally collected plants, lichens, fruits, and roots. The location of the group’s residence may have contributed to the color of their kilts, with variations based on the seasons and natural resources of the area.

During the period, the kilts men’s fashion was no longer common.  Thank goodness, some groups started advocating for the widespread use of traditional Highland dress, and the kilt gradually but surely made a resurgence. 

How One Can Look Dashing By Wearing A Kilt?

  1. Wearing Modern Kilts

Modern kilts have gained popularity recently. They can be made of cotton, leather, denim, or any other type of textile. Kilts in leather have the specialty to be liked by the majority. Numerous celebrities have been spotted wearing contemporary kilts. Wearing a modern kilt gives you the confidence to look good.

  1. How Kilts Are Usually Wore?

For those who are curious, a true Scotsman will be seen wearing nothing below, though the Scottish Tartans. While the authority believes that wearing nothing below can be inappropriate in some cases. A good time to wear something under your kilt is during sporting activities. Likewise, the tennis player, Andy Murray admitted to wearing underpants under his shirt. Remarkably, according to YouGov, roughly 55% of people who wear kilts do so with underneath.

  1. Wearing Perfectly Matched Socks

The garment itself is not where the kilt’s design ends and starts. In addition to the sporran, which is for a pocketbook or pouch, it is customary to wear wool and knee-high socks. Mostly people choose to have black or white socks to have a decent look. You can choose the embossed one or the simple leather made as well.

  1. Sporran, An Essential Component

For centuries, the sporran has been an essential component of kilt attire in Scotland and other countries. It is a useful pouch for carrying daily items. It gives any kilt ensemble a sense of authenticity and is a symbol of Scottish heritage and culture. 

  1. Dont Skip The Stylish Belts

A belted jacket, kilt pin brogue shoes, white ghillie shirt, and a chain or leather strap secure the sporran around the waist.  A contemporary, casual addition can be used to decorate the kilt. Even in modern times, kilts men’s fashion is still widely followed in Scotland, including in cities like Edinburgh. They continue to be the national costume of Scotland. Today, we have utility and contemporary kilts. So it is necessary to choose the belt accordingly to keep its look worth it. 

  1. Kilts Pins 

Pick from a variety of kilt pins, such as the Scottish thistle, the Lion Rampant, Masonic symbols, a silver chrome Celtic cross, and many more stylish pins that you could want. They enhance the charm of your whole dress.

  1. Kilt Broach

Pick something unique from delicate, minimalist designs to eye-catching pieces. Using one of the exquisite plaid brooches, you can stand out from the crowd and create a statement. You’re sure to find the ideal brooch to infuse your outfits with charm and individuality thanks to their exquisite craftsmanship and adaptable designs.


In conclusion, Kilts men’s fashion has very deep historical roots and is still being loved as well as followed. One can choose from a huge variety of kilts in leather, cotton, or denim. Men look dashing when they choose the perfect kilt with matching belts and socks. In this blog, we have explored various aspects of men’s kilts., including their history as well. 

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