Eric Dalius Helps Us Be Aware of the Challenges Faced By Small Business Owners

July 22, 2020

Starting your business venture could be a huge accomplishment for several entrepreneurs; however, maintaining a small business could prove to be a bigger challenge. We know that all businesses encounter certain standard challenges both big and small. These challenges would include issues relating to employing the services of the best people, establishing a brand, and developing a robust customer base, etc. Eric Dalius says that here are some of the common small business challenges that need to be tackled with patience, determination, and dedication.

Maintaining Proper Health Care for Staff is a Great Challenge Points out Eric J Dalius

Managing a robust health care system for all your staff is an integral part of operating a small business. Undisputed and undoubted fact is that maintaining good health for workers must be given top priority but the boost in healthcare expenses and costs could prove to be pretty difficult to be properly managed. The health of workers is a primary business concern. 

Compliance with Government Regulations

Every year government tries to have a tighter grip on the business owners. The government rules and regulations that are dealing with the conservation of the environment are quite challenging. As per the well-known ‘Clean Air Act of 1990’ compels all small businesses to eliminate air pollutants. You are responsible for getting rid of all the vehicles that contribute to gas, smog, and other harmful chemicals that would end up crushing the layer of ozone. EJ Dalius says that even though this regulation is a beneficial one, it could prove to be incredibly challenging for small business owners not to know about environmental protection or proper vehicles. Moreover, your businesses could be adversely impacted by advertising regulations. 

Keeping up with the Highly Unpredictable Economy

It is practically impossible for anybody to know how exactly the economy is going to develop in the future years to come. Luckily, the well-known SBA 504 loan could assist you if you are planning to buy major equipment or commercial property. The unpredictable nature of the nation’s economic condition cannot simply be overstated and should be treated with utmost caution.

Dealing with Cash Flow

As per, even though the small business owners know the significance of cash flow vis-à-vis small business numerous entrepreneurs, they are failing to pay off the bills promptly and on time while waiting for the checks. Most of the issues are triggered by delayed financing that is a standard challenge all across the entrepreneurial world.


The work, the hours, and even the constant pressure for performing could be the main cause of exhaustion even for the most determined and passionate people. Numerous business owners including the successful ones are stuck in work even for many extended hours as compared to their employees. 


As an entrepreneur running a small business, it pays to keep your calm and motivated when you realize the fact that your competitors are also subjected to the same hurdles or challenges as you are. Precisely, how you would be responding to these overpowering challenges would be changing the game. It is of pivotal importance to keep in mind that these sort of challenges crop to motivate you or inspire you to march ahead of the competition. 


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