Best Tips to Protect Your Garden Furniture from Water Damage

August 27, 2020

As you know, rainwater can lead to massive damage to your garden furniture including chairs, sofas, dinner tables, outdoor coffee tables, and benches. When it comes to your wood or metal furniture in the garden, they take the harsh beating of the rain. This is when you need outdoor furniture covers, for that matter a protective coating, or paint on the furniture pieces lying under the open sky. Even when you have bought patio or garden furniture specially treated, they wear away with time, especially when susceptible to the external elements.

According to an article published on, your garden or patio is incomplete with outdoor furniture. Equally important are the furniture covers. Here are some of the best tips to protect the pieces from rainwater damage:

Wooden furniture damage

When you have wooden garden chairs, a table, a few benches, and a sofa set, the kinds of damage due to water exposure are rotting, warping, and cracking. Wood varieties like redwood, cedar, and teak come with natural preservatives and can endure the beating of rain for a while. Then, the wood furniture will last for a long time if chemically treated, but over the years, all wood types are susceptible to rainwater damage. That is why you should use the best quality covers for your garden furniture.

Metal furniture damage

Metal furniture is vulnerable to rusting if left exposed without covers. Rust is hard to remove and result in structural damage as well as cosmetic wear and tear, rendering your favorite steel dinner table, chairs, and benches useless, unsightly, and unsafe for sitting. That is why you should invest in waterproof garden furniture covers to prevent damage.

Protecting your garden furniture from the elements

There are some smart ways to protect your outdoor furniture from water damage. They are:

Furniture covers: Cover all your butterfly chairs, dinner table, coffee table, and sofa with the best quality material. Keep them covered when not in use to protect from rain, storm, dust, pollen, tree sap, insects, and bird droppings.

Keep garden furniture in shades, if possible: You can keep the expensive furniture pieces like a sofa set under a shade. You can have the shade built or if you have one already, there is nothing like it. Then, do keep expensive sofa sets under the shade of a tree. Else, bird droppings or tree sap will damage the sofa and cushions. Again, you can always keep the sofa covered with a polyester, vinyl, or canvas cover. Vinyl is the best because it is waterproof.

Use water-resistant sealant or paint: If you have already bought garden furniture with a protective sealant or paint, there is nothing like it. Else, you can apply these materials with a proper coating that is suitable for the metal or wood type. Choose sealant or paint coating depending on the local weather of your place. Get it done by a professional. Then, furniture covers are an affordable option than applying sealant or paint coating.


Rainwater damage creates havoc on your outdoor furniture. Use waterproof garden furniture covers to keep your stuff protected.

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