How to choose the best baby vest?

August 30, 2020

baby vest

What to watch out for when choosing baby vests? These few tips will make you an expert and baby will look their best in all circumstances.

One of the items of clothing you’ll want to keep handy in the top drawer are baby vests. Some days baby could go through two, three, or more. A few tricks of the trade and you’ll be on a roll. It’s all to do with choosing the right gear. Here’s how:

Safety first

Steer clear of strings or removable pieces on baby vests. And check the fabric used. Newborns cannot regulate their own temperature, therefore it’s important to watch they don’t overheat. Prefer natural fiber like cotton thanks to its breathing properties. With a quality assurance label like Oeko Tex Standard 100, you will also be protecting your baby’s skin from exposure to irritants.

One vest, many benefits

By selecting an organic cotton baby vest, you are bringing your contribution to a greener planet. This in turn feeds a virtuous cycle. The organic cotton’s longer yarns will be less prone to pilling and make the product last longer. Save it for his little sister or hand it over to a friend who’s expecting. Because sharing is caring.

A hawk’s eye

Take time to review your product closely. Check the fabric is resistant around the poppers as they will get exposed to some wear and tear.

If the opening is on the side of the garment, look at how many press studs are used. If you’re close to a dozen, it could turn out to be a bit of a mission to button up each time. Make it easy on yourself!


Yes, baby vests come with a PG warning too! And by that we mean to save you touching up your best family pic because stains are taking away from it.

Lighter colours for newborns are ideal because milk spillages won’t stand out as much on their outfit.

Older babies can comfortably wear any colour, with navy or raspberry a good camouflage if baby digs into summer berries for picnic in the park.

What does baby want? When does he want it?

He may not be able to speak yet, but baby has a voice. Does he act out when you pull the vest over his head? If that’s the case, you may want to stock up on vests with a wrapover opening. Check again for sensitivities around baby’s crown when he’s ready for the next size up.

Also, bear in mind what season baby will be wearing the little vests and opt for long or short sleeves accordingly.

Having said that, long-sleeved baby vests are a good choice for most of the year, even in the summer. They cover his little arms, acting as a sunscreen. As well as that, it would be a shame to hide some beautiful baby vests under a T-shirt. Go for a long-sleeve version, match with a wooly cardigan if needed and off you go!

A personal touch

If you’re attending a babies welcome wedding, you’ll want to jump on this special opportunity for him to dress up. Pick a baby vest with a cute ruff, claudine or shirt collar. Match with a headband or braces, tadam ! Baby is ready to go party.

Always keep a couple of baby vests extra in the baby changing bag and lots more in his closet. This way you will be ready to take on any day with maximum style.

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