Four Ways To Protect Your Home From Wildlife

October 1, 2020

Wildlife — great to go and explore — but not so fun to deal with at home. Not only do many wild animals carry diseases, but there are many other ways that they can cause harm to your families.

Many of us create homes that are inviting to live in, and wild animals, given the chance, will very much feel the same if given the opportunity! 

Here are some tips that will help you to prevent having to call a raccoon removal company to get rid of unwanted pests in your home. 

  1. Keep Garbage Cans Secure 

Our everyday garbage can be tempting to many forms of wildlife. It is free food that they can go and take without even having to hunt too hard for. Make sure that when you take out your garbage that the bags or boxes are closed securely so that they don’t attract unwanted attention. If keeping trash bags inside until trash day is out of the question, make sure to secure outside garbage cans with rocks or locks to keep critters at bay 

  1. Wildlife Does Not Need Feeding

Stray cats, chipmunks and raccoons sure look cute, and tempting as it is. The worst thing you could possibly do is to feed them! It will not only teach them that they do not have to use a degree of caution around humans, but it will also teach them to rely on humans as a food source rather than to go and hunt for themselves. 

If your pets eat outside, watch them as they eat and discard any uneaten food once they are done eating. 

  1. Protect Your Pond And Vegetable Garden 

If you have a pond in your backyard with living fish in, then you may have to consider measures to ensure that they are protected from wildlife. Raccoons, in particular, enjoy eating freshwater fish and crawdads; making your pond an open invitation for a picnic! 

They may also want a side salad to go with their meal, and an unprotected plot of land growing fruits and veggies can be extremely tempting to wildlife. Build shelters that discuss them or grow them on raised beds, so that your green fingered efforts don’t go to waste.

  1.  Critter Proof Your Home 

Tiny cracks under the door that you thought would keep you safe from outside creatures coming in? Well, that just happens to be the perfect size for some critters to come inside looking for shelter. Take a walk around your home to see if there are any gaps, cracks and holes that can invite critters into your home. Make sure that you maintain your space by sealing them up or get a professional around to do the job for you. Many animals can fit in through gaps that are just three inches wide.

Wildlife is great to go and see in the great outdoors, but we shouldn’t be encouraging it to set up camp in our homes. Using the few simple tips outlined above, you should rest assured knowing that there is minimal chance of your space getting invaded!

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