Center Table Designs: Pick the Best One For Your Living Room

October 15, 2020

The center table takes a place in everyone’s living room and it is a must for the room to decorate its elegance and to make it complete with the sofa set. Shawna King with VIP Realty says that a great living room is a must on all homes. Whether you want to serve tea and snacks to your guests, want to place something on it, or just lay your legs on it and sit comfortably, it will serve all your purpose. 

Mostly, it is bought identical to the sofa set so that the living room looks elegant and everything looks perfect at its place. Even if you are not using the table that much, you should still have it as it makes the space look complete. If it is not kept at its place then you will feel something is missing. 

You can invite your friends and have long conversations sitting around the center table, you will have a great time for sure drinking your favorite drink and chatting. It serves as a storage option too when you add drawers to it.

There are a lot many different designs available in the center table such that one may get confused about which one to go for. Every house you visit, you will see a different design of the center table. Some people prefer to buy readymade tables from the market while some get it customized from the carpenter as per their wish.  

Today, we will be showing you different designs available in the center table and then you can get an idea as to which one will suit your house in the best way. Let us check these center table designs now.

Wooden Tables With Glass Top

This is one of the most popular styles seen in the center tables these days. Also, there are numerous different designs seen in this style. Glass on the top of wood makes the table look really nice. It adds a transparent, shiny glow to the table. This table would look great on a polished concrete floor.

Let us check out the different designs seen in this style:

Traditional Wood Style With Glass Top

A traditional wood-like table with a glass top is very unique and you will not find it in many houses. Let your carpenter know about the idea and show an image of this and he will get to know what you wish to have. 

He then just needs to get some high-quality wood from somewhere, cut it into the desired shape (mostly rectangle or square), lay the four legs, and get a glass fitted on the top and the table will be ready for your living room. 

Make sure you get a high-quality glass that does not break easily and also does not get scratched easily when you start putting things on it.

Furnished Wooden Table With Glass Top

The above one that we saw was a traditional wood style with no polishing or color. Now, let us have some ideas on how a furnished wooden table can add beauty to the living room. 

A furnished table which is colored: black or brown and given a proper rectangular shape is the most desirable wooden table for years. One can play with different designs in it as there are many variations available in the design and one can get it customized as per one’s wish. 

You can check out the internet for different designs that people get it done and can take inspiration from it. You can choose a good color for the table, choose the one matching with the overall look of your living room.

Drawers can be made in the table so that you can put your handy stuff in it. As per the available space in the living room, one can get the size of the table decided. 

Do not forget the glass top, add it to the table and it will simply add to its value and beauty. You can have the table with or without legs, that’s absolutely fine and as per your choice. A two-layer table is the most desirable one as one can put books, newspapers, or any other thing in the below layer. 

Circular Table

Circular tables are also one popular choice, not that demanding as that of the rectangular tables, but yes, if you want to try something new then one can play with the different styles available in circular tables. 

You can also go with a metallic table instead of a wooden one. Coffee tables are getting very popular currently, trio tables, floating coffee table, jengo coffee table, fresh keel table, walnut white lacquered glass table are some of the very popular center table of modern times for the living room that you can choose from. 

So, here are the different center table designs in wooden. Hope you got clear information about the same. Now, just pick up one design that you love the most, that you think will be the most appropriate for your living room and get it customized from a carpenter or buy it straight from the market.

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