Three Vitamins That Are Good For The Skin

October 16, 2020

As our knowledge of skin grows, so does our understanding of what we can do to support it.

Whether this is through new products containing the latest skincare innovations or a better understanding of how nutrition affects our skin’s health, we are always discovering new ways in which we can improve our skin and reach our beauty goals.

Some of the most important factors for skin health are the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it receives. With that in mind, read on to find out more about the important roles vitamins play in skin health, and which are the best ones to get your hands on to improve your skin’s function and overall appearance.

Why Are Vitamins Important For Skin?

Vitamins provide nutrients to the body, so it can function at its best. They are vital for the body to work properly and stay healthy, and without them, many serious problems can occur. When it comes to skin, vitamins help with the maintenance and repair of skin cells, and there are some key vitamins that are often spoken about when it comes to skin health!

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D, produced from sun exposure, is essential for skin health. Be sure to only expose unprotected skin for around 10-15 minutes per day, as any more than that can have the opposite effect on health. 

When it comes to skin, vitamin D is great for helping reduce dark spots, wrinkles, rough patches, and issues such as redness and dryness. You can get these benefits from consuming fortified foods, such as orange juice or breakfast cereals if you are not able to get outside. You can also consider taking a vitamin D supplement or even use a fortified topical product, which is one of the benefits of goat soap — it is very high in vitamins, including vitamin D.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another buzzword when it comes to skincare because of its impressive properties in transforming the appearance of our skin.

Interestingly, vitamin C can be found in higher levels in the epidermis layer of the skin (the outer layer) and offers a whole host of skin benefits such as cancer-fighting properties and encouraging collagen production. This is why it is found in many anti-aging products too, as our collagen production decreases as we get older.

To get an adequate dose of vitamin C in your diet, eat citrus fruits, kiwis and strawberries and you can even consider taking a vitamin C supplement to make sure you are getting the recommended daily intake.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is also hailed for its impressive effects on the skin. Not only does vitamin E help protect the skin from sun damage, but it also helps to keep the skin conditioned through sebum (the skin’s natural oil) and helps in the treatment of skin and body inflammation.

To top up your vitamin E daily dose, snack on nuts and seeds such as hazelnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds — either on their own or sprinkled on something such as yogurt or porridge. Using topical products with vitamin E is also a great means of protecting the skin too.

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