Eight Skin Care Tips Every Woman Should Know About

September 10, 2020

Taking care of your skin with growing age is essential to keeping it healthy and fresh all the time. You can follow a good skin care routine, as it helps in delaying the natural aging process and keeps your skin safe from acne or pimples. It will not consume much of your time if you stay cautious of what you do with your skin and body.

You will see the transformation in your skin’s health as soon as you start working on your skin care routine. In this article, you will come across eight skin care tips that you can follow to improve your skin’s health and keep it healthy. You can also check popular blogs like Women’s Concepts, Beauty Banter, Rouge 18, or The Beauty Look Book for additional tips and advice to improvise the natural beauty of your skin and hair:

  • Always Remove Your Makeup Before Going To Bed:

If you keep makeup on your skin all the time, it will block the dead skin cells that are meant to shed every day. It can also lead to skin breakouts and worsen the fine lines. Moreover, when you go to bed with the makeup, it gets pushed deeper into the pores, leading to acne. Hence, make sure you remove your makeup before going to bed regardless of how tired or exhausted you are at the end of the day.

You can remove the makeup instantly by using a cotton pad soaked in any gentle cleanser that contains a combination of vitamin B3 and purified water. You do not even have to rinse your face after cleaning it with the cotton pad. If you follow this step regularly, you will see the skin becoming beautiful and glowing rather than the one that has clogged pores and dull complexion. 

  • Do Not Pop Or Squeeze Your Pimples:

Whenever you see a blackhead, bump, or pimple growing on your skin, you feel the urge to pop or squeeze it. But when you squeeze the pimple, it pushes the pus and bacteria deeper into your skin, which causes more swelling, redness, and inflammation. Moreover, the dirt or bacteria from your nails and fingers would also enter into the pimple, worsening the situation. It can lead to scabs and leave you with scars or permanent pits.

To avoid this case, you should refrain from popping or squeezing the pimples. Instead, you can hold an ice cube for a few minutes with an interval of 20 seconds to reduce the inflammation. Once done, apply one dot of a salicylic acid spot treatment and then cover it with a concealer.

  • Keep Drinking Plenty Of Water Every Day:

You might be drinking water only when you feel dehydrated or thirsty. But you should drink plenty of water every day as it adds a glow to your skin, makes it flake-free, reduces puffiness, maintains pH balance, and keeps you hydrated all the time.

If you are unsure of how much water you should drink, you can consider drinking 8-ounces glasses per day as it is the recommended minimum level. You can include fruit juice or any other nutritious drinks in your water intake process. Make sure that you maintain this level because over drinking the fluids can be harmful to your body.

  • Safely Exfoliate:

Your skin might be dealing with redness, environmental stress, or irritation due to various reasons. These issues can make your skin prone to acne and pimples. Hence, it is necessary to exfoliate your skin, i.e., remove the dead skin from your face and keep it healthy and glowing. You can try using soft scrub, chemical peel, or dermaplaning depending on your skin type for one or two days a week.

  • Apply Sunscreen Regularly:

Keeping your skin exposed to the scorching sun can lead to sunburn and tanning. Hence, you need to use sunscreen lotion regularly whenever you step out of your house. It will protect your skin from photo aging, and sunburn caused by harmful UV rays. Make sure you use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and PA+ ratings. The SPF will protect you from UVB rays, whereas the PA rating will determine protection from UVA rays. You can also check products with PA+++ rating because the higher rating states more protection.

  • Get Enough Sleep:

During sleep, the level of stress hormone cortisol falls, which helps the skin to repair the daytime damage. Additionally, your body makes collagen while you sleep, which minimizes fine lines. The human growth hormones are also released, which helps to increase muscle mass and strengthen the skin. Hence, make sure you get enough sleep for at least 8 hours that lead to better skin and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Care For Your Body:

Your body’s skin requires the same attention as you give it to your face because ignorance in body care can lead to various health issues. Hence, you should take care of your body along with your face. You can use the lotion or face cream for your neck and shoulders and apply it gently so that the skin becomes soft.

Similarly, you can use moisturizing body lotions for the rest of your body and apply it to damp skin to ensure maximum absorption. Remember to use hydrating hand cream for the skin on the back of your palms as it is prone to age faster than other parts of your body. You can exfoliate your body’s skin once a week with a body scrub to keep it moist and dirt free. 

  • Workout Regularly:

Regular workout improves blood circulation, helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and promotes new skin cells and collagen production. All these things positively impact your skin as they make it glowing, healthy, and anti-aging. They also help in improving your mood as the level of stress hormone cortisol drops down.


Having healthy skin will help you lead a better life as it boosts your confidence. Hence, make sure you follow these skin care tips and add more life to your beauty.

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