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April 16, 2018

Want better skin? Then you need to get a better routine and have a better understanding of your body! Here are some tips:

Think About Your Water

Make sure you tailor the skin-products you use accordingly. Susan H. Weinkle, who is an assistant clinical-professor for dermatology from the University of South Florida, in Tampa says that soft water will not remove soap very well, which means it can result in leaving a residue on the skin. If you have soft water in your area, use body and face cleansers sparingly. In comparison, hard water does not allow your washes or soaps to lather very easily, which may prompt you into using more of your cleansers than necessary, which can result in dryness. Dore Aesthetics, states that non-soap and gentle formulas that are not supposed to lather is able to minimize this issue.

Invest In Drinking Green Tea

Andrea Cambio, a dermatologist from Cape Coral, Florida, states that if your have a complexion that is blotchy and red, green tea offers anti-inflammatory properties which is soothing on the skin. She goes onto state that iced tea is better as the hot beverages may worsen your redness or other symptoms associated with rosacea. One of the other benefits of green tea is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which can stop collagen destruction which results in wrinkles along with sun-induced DNA damages to the skin like discoloration and lines, according to a few experts.

Keep Your Stress Levels Under Control

Stress takes its toll on all parts of the body, which includes your skin. One study from Stanford University, resulted in researchers finding that during stages such as exams, students who were experiencing stress were more prone to acne breakouts compared to the students who were less pressured. This is because stress increases hormone production like cortisol, which can cause the skin to become more oily and lessen its abilities to combat acne-causing bacteria, according to Lisa Donofrio who is one of the associate clinical professors of dermatology from the Yale University School of Medicine. To keep your stress levels under control, you should participate in the regular practice of stress management methods, such as mediation, deep breathing, and yoga.

Improve The Air Around You

Staying away from smoky environments happens to be a wise decision. According to Diane S. Berson, who is an assistant clinical-professor for dermatology from the Weil Medical College University, based in New York, just being close to smoke will result in releasing free-radicals that quicken aging and cause damages to your skin. Other types of indoor pollutants will also have a negative impact on the skin. Making changes, such as changing the air-filters in your furnace more regularly and when cooking with oil use an extractor fan. Also consider that indoor air that is dry can result in dehydrating your skin, which makes those fine lines a lot more noticeable.

Change Your Toothpaste

Added flavors and tartar-control ingredients can contribute to one of the more common skin conditions known as perioral dermatitis. This appears like scaling and pimples around the area of the mouth, according to Donofrio.

Lower Your Dairy Intake If You Are Prone To Acne

Research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health has discovered that girls in their teenage years that consume high levels of dairy products are around 30% more prone to acne compared to those who consumed less. Experts suggest that this is true for women who are susceptible to more serious breakouts. Skim milk, surprisingly is actually a worse-offender in comparison to whole milk.

Researchers and scientists still do not know why dairy products can result in acne, but a few surmise that natural hormones found in dairy could be the culprit, according to Leslie Baumann, a dermatologist from Miami Beach in Florida, who goes onto say that even the organic dairy products can result in breakouts. Instant-breakfast drinks, sherbet, and cottage cheese are also associated with causing acne. While avoiding or lowering dairy will not be the answer to getting rid of pimples on its own, it can make a vast difference for people who are more prone to severe breakouts, according to the experts.

If you need help with your acne then could be a wise option if it is quite bad.

Watch Out For Sun Exposure While Indoors

UV rays, especially the UVA rays are able to penetrate your windows around your office and home which can result in brown spots and wrinkling. The same applies for your car windows. A number of studies have discovered that skin cancer rates are higher on left-sides of the upper body and face compared to the right. This has to do with that left-side of the body is exposed more to the sun while driving. Over and above cancer, Donofrio notes that most people also have more sun damage and wrinkles on their left-sides of their faces too. Make sure you always use protection by wearing moisturizers with an SPF.

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