Your Guide In Choosing The Right Erectile Dysfunction Medication

September 10, 2020

Finding out that you have erectile dysfunction can be daunting. But even more difficult is not being able to address it and let that fear cripple you. Men have a general agitation towards this dysfunction. Having said that, here are a few medical FAQs regarding what you can do about it:

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction 

According to scientific research, it can be both psychological and/or physiological. With respect to the first, only about 20% of the underlying cause is rooted here. And the most common reasons why it occurs is because of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and a generally low condition of health. 

You might be thinking that these are too feeble to be actual causes for ED. However, they have been proven by professionals in both the medical and psychological field. When you are overworked and overly anxious, they cause erectile dysfunction. 

Now in reference to the second, it is very much much a physiological disruption. Age plays a major part here with most cases happening when men are at their 50s and over. At the same time, poor cardiovascular health, high blood pressure, too much alcohol and smoking, obesity, and physical unfitness. 

This is a low supply of blood to the penis stops it from experiencing erection. Therefore, everything related to health and blood health affects it. So, then what can be done to rectify this situation? 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 

  • Visit A Medical Professional

As with all medical ailments, the best answer is to have a doctor prescribe the right type of medication before you go out of your way and purchase just anything you see posted online regarding ED. 

Above all, going for a check-up will reveal what may be an underlying cause that you should pay attention to promptly. Cardiovascular health is crucial and you should take recommendations about how to change your diet and lifestyle with consistency. 

  • Jes Extender

Introduce yourself to Jes-Extender. This device uses the power of traction to stretch your shaft into a longer, wider and straighter organ. Intelligent men will want to research traction devices before purchasing one, however. The Jes-Extender, in particular, is a medically cleared device by the FDA. It’s been inspected by third parties to verify its functionality and safe design.

  • Oral Pills

Medications from and other oral pills are common treatments for erectile dysfunction. Just perform a search for Bluechew review and you will find many accounts from men that are finding tremendous benefits.

Pills have become quite the conventional remedy and most have taken it to themselves to rely on them, because they are easily procurable. Just make sure that you as your doctor to verify the authenticity and efficacy of ED pill brands for your safety. Do not simply go for what you have heard is popular. Seek medical guidance on the matter.

We will also continue to emphasize on visiting your physician before you start taking such pills especially if you are unsure of whether you have any heart problems, are diabetic, and/or other diseases that may need to be addressed first and foremost. There are studies that have shown how pills are not as effective for men with these physical conditions. 

Additionally, it will be wisest to tell your physician what health medications you are currently partaking of to ascertain that their ingredients will not cause any anomalies with that of ED pills.

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