Side Hustles: Are They Another Way To Financial Freedom

November 2, 2020

Many of us are talking and thinking about financial freedom while not taking any steps towards it. There are always exceptions, but people usually lighten up a bit when talking about how they are going to be on that way, but get discouraged when they see their bills, students debts, etc.

People are side hustling for a long time, however there has been an increase this year due to the pandemic, where maybe a member of your family lost his job, so you have to work more to sustain your lifestyle. Perhaps you are side hustling because you want to feel more secure and comfortable in case something unexpected occurs. Maybe you are making plans for when the COVID’s over. Whatever the matter is, they can be a way to financial ease and virtually freedom.

Find something that will not overwhelm you.

If you are starting, do not overwhelm yourself with too much work outside your regular job if you can, because it can easily lead you to burnout. If you have the possibility, start an hour a day. It sounds minuscule, but you know how an hour more at work can drain you out? Well that is why you should have a break after your regular job and then try something within your expertise or even something you would like to pursue, though never had the time. The options are endless on the internet, although you will have to dig a little bit until you find a good opportunity. Next step is pitch yourself the right way. There are many articles and even courses on this subject, or you can watch some videos on youtube and then start practising if you are not the best at it. If you are, then even better! Now you will have to tailor it to suit the client’s needs and show what you got. You can design if you know how to, you can teach English or work as a copywriter. It is up to you!

Video making as a side hustle?

Many YouTubers started making video as a hobby. Even if they achieved enough to start making money off of YouTube, they continued treating it as a side job, regularly uploading while sharing their experiences. You do not have to limit yourself. If you are good at drawing, start making commissions. If you prefer radio-type of things, start a podcast. These are somewhat slower ways of building up, but if you love it and you think you have a knack for it, why not? On the other hand, if you are in a rush, the option above would be better, at least for a certain amount of time.

Start a blog.

Alternatively to starting a vlog, you may wish to try your hand at blogging if writing is more your forté. Blogging is an excellent side hustle as it enables you to make money in a multitude of ways. For example, affiliate marketing and partnering with brands for sponsored blog posts are all fantastic methods to make some extra cash, and it doesn’t stop there! To begin, you will need to establish a blog first and foremost. You can employ the services of a web design team to do this for you, however, that is an investment in itself. The good news is that in today’s digital day and age, it is possible to craft your website yourself. With the help of video tutorials and other online resources, you can learn how to make a wordpress blog if that is your platform of choice to create and launch your blog. Starting a blog opens doors to numerous income opportunities, so seize the chance to unleash your creativity!

Online trading as another source of income.

What we have noticed is that many influencers (especially financial part of youtube), started talking about trading as a way of passive income this year. Young people are eager to put some time aside and learn how it is done and how to find a company you can trust. There are many apps, but you should certainly do your research if you are interested in this investing. What we like about this is the fact that you can start small if you are a beginner and it can be your source of passive income while you are working on your side job. It is important to highlight the fact you should find certified companies and see what your goal is, mainly because forex trade can also be a good source of income after you learned enough about it. Your broker should be the one to teach you slowly and turn you into someone capable of trading on their own. Also, you can talk to him and see what would be the best trading plan for you according to your financial situation.

In Conclusion

If you are ready to take your hobby to another level or advance additional skills that you have, but you don’t use at your current job, side hustles could be an ideal thing to add that to your resume and see how far you can go with it. If you are not that flexible because of the COVID situation or anything else, then try searching for something you can get money from quickly, but will also add up to your skillset. Whatever the case is, you will be able to contribute to a better financial situation and build a path toward financial independence and freedom.

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