How To Plan A Halloween Party

November 5, 2020

October 31st sees people all over the globe celebrating Halloween by dressing up in costume, going to parties, and dabbling in some good old-fashioned trick-or-treating. But, have you ever considered where our Halloween traditions come from?

“Halloween” is derived from “All Hallows’ Eve”, which is a modern religious day of observance based upon an ancient pagan ritual. In the ancient times, Halloween was a time when people would celebrate the end of summer and welcome in the winter months. They would dress up in costumes and create huge bonfires as a way to ward off the evil spirits that were believed to roam the Earth on this particular night.

However, these days, Halloween is more of an opportunity to kick up your heels with your loved ones! So, why not follow the lead of the ancients and throw a frightfully fun Halloween party? Let us take a look at the wickedest Halloween party shopping list of all time!

Welcome to our Halloween house party! Howl you doin’?

Halloween Party Decorations:

•           Fake spiders and spider webs

•           Carved pumpkins

•           Brooms

•           Fake blood

•           Lanterns

•           Cardboard witches and ghosts

Putting on a great spread at Halloween will give your guests a reason to eat, drink, and be scary.

Halloween Party Snacks:

•           Sweets for trick-or-treaters

•           Cookie cutters with a Halloween theme (witches’ hats, cats, etc.)

•           Pumpkin pie

•           Orange, purple and green cupcakes 

•           Candy corn

Choose a truly magical Halloween costume. Choose a Unicorn Kigurumi!

Halloween Party Costumes (With A Difference):

•           Unicorn

•           Killer Whale

•           Nemo

Do not be tempted to simply dress up as a standard ghost, vampire, or witch at Halloween. Wearing a Halloween Kigurumi means you will stand out from the crowd and really get people talking. Plus, these luxuriously soft onesies make the perfect sleep attire for when you are all partied out!

Go ahead, trick-or-treat yourself. Halloween is the scariest day of the year; however, that does not mean it cannot be fun as well! Put these tips to work and throw a Halloween party that will be sure to wake the dead! It will be a spooktacular success! 

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